Bureaucratic Coup Against Trump Taking Place

SPUTNIK NEWS / BATTLE FOR WORLD – September 24, 2018: The article highlights that Senator Lindsey Graham’s comments came on the heels of an explosive report revealed in the New York Times about Rod Rosenstein, the deputy Attorney General, who allegedly suggested exposing “the chaos consuming the administration and calling it to act to oust Trump from office “for being unfit.”

South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham noted Sunday (September 24), there’s a “bureaucratic coup” brewing against President Trump, while speaking on Fox News in response to host Chris Wallace’s question over if Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein should be fired for allegedly planning to invoke the 25th amendment to remove Trump – a question, which is literally consuming the political circles this weekend.

“He shouldn’t fire Rosenstein unless you believe Rosenstein is lying; he said he didn’t do the things alleged,” Graham also said that FBI staffers tried “to taint the [2016 presidential] election” and shift it more in Trump’s Democratic rival’s, Hillary Clinton’s, favor.

“I don’t know what Rosenstein did, but I know what [Andrew McCabe] or [Peter Strzok] and [Lisa Page] did,” said Graham, referring to the contentious matter, and shortly afterwards added: “They tried to destroy this president.”

“I’m there almost every other week and I can tell you never has anyone talked about the 25th amendment, never has anyone even questioned the president’s mental stability or anything,” UN Ambassador Nikki Haley told ABC on Sunday (September 24).

(BattleForWorld: According to sources, they are going to try very desperately to remove Trump, actively pursuing to bring him before a counsel. They want Trump to implement a military adventure and he’s refusing. When he finally agrees to war, the media drive about removing him will stop. Everything is going to be timed, to coordinate into other actions like a domino-fall – implementing counteracting effects. And Israel is in the thick of it. If Hillary was president the ruling elites pushing for military adventure would not have this problem.)


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