Lab-Grown BABIES? Scientists Create Human Egg Cells From Blood In Breakthrough

DAILY STAR / BATTLE FOR WORLD – September 22, 2018: The article highlights that babies could be grown in labs in the future after scientists managed to create human egg cells from blood.

According to the news, Japanese experts made the immature human egg cells from human blood using cutting-edge stem cell testing techniques. And although these eggs cannot be grown into babies, because they are too immature, the research could pave the way for this type of experiment to be done.

The scientists were able to make the egg cells by using blood to create induced pluripotent stem cells, which were then inserted into artificial ovaries.It is thought that at a future time, this technique could allow infertile people to have children, as well as same-sex couples to have kids that come from both people’s DNA.

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(BattleForWorld: The work these scientists are doing is impressive – populating the ovaries with fresh eggs. They have been creating artificial biological products that mirrors sperm, eggs, etc. since the 1980s. This research was pioneered during the race for human cloning technology.)


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