Trump Administration Discussed Coup Plans With Rebel Venezuelan Officers

WRAL – September 13, 2018: The article highlights that the Trump administration held secret meetings with rebellious military officers from Venezuela over the last year to discuss their plans to overthrow President Nicolás Maduro, according to U.S. officials and a former Venezuelan military commander who participated in the talks.

(BattleForWorld: It appears that it does not matter who’s president and it does not matter all the campaign promises during election time, because the wheel for US global dominance keeps moving in the same direction.)

Establishing a clandestine channel with coup plotters in Venezuela was a big gamble for Washington, given its long history of covert intervention across Latin America. Many in the region still deeply resent the United States for backing previous rebellions, coups and plots in countries like Cuba, Nicaragua, Brazil and Chile, and for turning a blind eye to the abuses military regimes committed during the Cold War.

The White House, which declined to answer detailed questions about the talks, said in a statement that it was important to engage in “dialogue with all Venezuelans who demonstrate a desire for democracy” in order to “bring positive change to a country that has suffered so much under Maduro.”


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