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US Lab in Georgia May Have Engaged in Lethal Experiments on People – Ex-Minister

SPUTNIK NEWS – September 11, 2018: The article highlights that several countries, including Russia, suspect that the laboratory in the Georgian capital, known as the Lugar Center for Public Health Research, may contain a secret military biological weapons program run by the US military and private contractors.

Former Georgian State Security Minister Igor Giorgadze has asked President Donald Trump to investigate reports that personnel at the Lugar Center may have engaged in experimentation on human test subjects, some of which he claims proved to be lethal.

Speaking at a press conference in Moscow on Tuesday, Giorgadze said that he has received “hundreds of thousands of pages'” worth of documents from “friends” in Georgia showing what appears to be evidence of experiments against human test subjects at the lab.

“A whole range of experiments involving my fellow Georgians had lethal outcomes,” Giorgadze said, adding that he does not have access to information about the alleged victims’ names – only case numbers with dates of birth and sex.

“On behalf of the ‘Georgia Abroad’ Movement, which I head, on behalf of hundreds of thousands of my compatriots in Georgia and abroad, I want to address US President Donald Trump. I appeal to you with an earnest request to initiate an investigation into the legality of the experiments conducted in Georgia by the staff of the Lugar laboratory, who acted based on permission given by your predecessor’s administration, and in agreement with Georgia’s former president,” Giorgadze said.


Former Georgian ministers urges Trump to investigate experiments at Lugar laboratory

TASS – September 11, 2018: The article highlights that Georgia’s former state security minister Igor Giorgadze has called on US President Donald Trump to investigate the experiments that the Richard Lugar Laboratory near the Georgian capital Tbilisi, also known as the Richard Lugar Center for Public Health Research, might have conducted over people.

Giorgadze made his appeal to the US Administration at a news conference in Moscow on Tuesday where he revealed some information on the criminal activities of the center.

“I am asking the US Administration and President Trump personally to order an investigation,” he said. “The people of Georgia will be thankful to you if you deliver their country of these experiments. Meager compensations and apologies [to the families of victims of the experiments – TASS] will never make up for the lives lost.”

According to Giorgadze, a whole range of experiments at the Lugar laboratory that involved fellow-Georgians had lethal finales. He had a list of about 30 people, who had taken courses of treatment at the Lugar center and had died of hepatitis C later.


Russian Specialists Studying Documents on US Laboratory in Georgia – Russian MoD

SPUTNIK NEWS – September 14, 2018: Early reports stated that a number of countries, including Russia, suspected that a laboratory in the Georgian capital may harbor a secret military biological weapons program run by the US military and private contractors.

Russia’s Ministry of Defense has analyzed documents connected to the US military’s biological program, released by a former Georgian cabinet minister Igor Giorgadze; the results are slated to be published in due time.

“Presently, all documents published on the website of former Georgian (State Security) Minister Igor Giorgadze are being examined by specialists from the Russian Ministry of Defense. The results of the analysis will be revealed to Russia and the global community,” the statement of the Ministry of Defense reads.


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