Financial Elites Determine to Oust Putin, Trump And Pope Francis ASAP To Save World Domination Order

BATTLE FOR WORLD – September 6, 2018: The media-press has evolved over the many years into something very dangerous, constantly morphing in intensity as a weapon and is being used to go after individuals using scandalous  news reporting, where the media acts as judge, jury and executioner. And at the moment, the three targets are President Trump, President Putin and Pope Francis, to be removed from their respective offices ASAP so as to clear the way for the ruling elites to finalize their grand plan for world domination and the enslavement and surveillance of the population globally.

Some believe that this last ditched effort is not going to go smoothly, because there’s going to be counter-actions against what the ruling elites want to accomplish.

And people must expect the worse on the world’s scene in this tumultuous tornado, hurricane, tsunami, volcano, violent earthquake shaking contentious play performance being broadcast live on the world’s stage.

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President Trump: The snakes are everywhere!

AXIOS – September 6, 2018: President Trump is not just seething about Bob Woodward’s new book. He’s deeply suspicious of much of the government he oversees — from the hordes of folks inside agencies, right up to some of the senior-most political appointees and even some handpicked aides inside his own White House, officials tell Axios. (BattleForWorld: The financial ruling elites are determine to oust President Trump from the White House using the Russian collusion scandal. They will get Trump in the activity of counsel, but nothing will come of it.)

A good number of current White House officials have privately admitted to us they consider Trump unstable, and at times dangerously slow.

For some time last year, Trump even carried with him a handwritten list of people suspected to be leakers undermining his agenda: He would basically be like, ‘We’ve gotta get rid of them. The snakes are everywhere but we’re getting rid of them,'” said a source close to Trump. When he was super frustrated about the leaks, he would rail about the ‘snakes’ in the White House,” said a source who has discussed administration leakers with the president.

The Times Op-Ed reinforces everything Trump instinctively believes: That a “Deep State” exists. It’s trying to undermine him and — in the case of Jeff Sessions’ Justice Department, in Trump’s mind — is trying to overthrow his presidency. The Bob Woodward book, Trump believes, exposes that leakers are everywhere — and gunning for him.


UK, US, France, Germany, Canada Issue Statement Backing London’s Assessment of Salisbury Incident, Claiming Attack Approved at Senior Level

SPUTNIK NEWS – September 6, 2018: The article highlights that the United Kingdom, France, Germany, the United States and Canada on Thursday issued a joint statement saying that the countries backed London’s assessment claiming that the suspects in the Salisbury nerve agent attack were officers from the Russian military intelligence service (GRU) and that the attack was almost certainly approved at a senior government level. (BattleForWorld: The financial ruling elites are determine to oust President Putin from office using the Salisbury fake news scandal.)

“We, the leaders of France, Germany, the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom, reiterate our outrage at the use of a chemical nerve agent, known as Novichok, in Salisbury on March 4th. … We have full confidence in the British assessment that the two suspects were officers from the Russian military intelligence service, also known as the GRU, and that this operation was almost certainly approved at a senior government level,” the statement read.


UK accusation of Russians in Skripal case ‘cocktail of lies’ timed with Idlib false flag op – Moscow

RT – September 6, 2018: The article highlights: Russia has denied allegations that its military intelligence officers were behind the Skripal poisoning in Britain and suggested that the UK government timed its accusations to a potential upcoming false flag attack in Syria’s Idlib.

(BattleForWorld: According to a very well-informed source of high placement, the Sergei Skripal case involving the ‘Novichok’ nerve agent was totally manufactured by British elements. And the reason given, according to the source, is as follows: “…It became clear that this poison attack is based on a far-reaching sneaky machination and malicious intrigue of the *** who are in the service of ***. The instigated event reinforce the unscrupulous and traditional hostility and hatred toward Russia by the Western states and revives it, as it has always been the case even during the times of the Soviet Union and throughout the Cold War. [i.e. The instigated event by the British is to incite propaganda news on an international scale.] And the fact that betrayal is also being committed in this way against the Russian state itself is not recognized without understanding or reason. The mastermind of this intrigue *** is not aware of the scope of its actions, because of its lack of intelligence does not allow it. The attack on Sergei Skripal and his daughter, was carried out by ***, is founded in an insidious and malicious manner by *** by *** and *** and is thus very stupid, which seeks to damage Russia and President Putin, just as it also damages Russia itself. First and foremost, however, this matter gives President Vladimir Putin, as well as the Foreign Minister of the Russian Federation, Sergei Lavrov, no chance in the Western world, but also the Russian ambassador to the UN, and others, which may also result in the state of Russia itself being completely isolated from the entire West. [ Reference: CR706.]” End of source’s comment. *** = omission by source. So the entire event is a deliberate internationally planned propaganda campaign against Russia and its government.)

(In the “enhanced” Silent Revolution Of Truth Compilation Edition, the free PDF book: Download and read about the Russian Double-Agent Spy Sergei Skripal “Novichok” poisoning by the British, pages 1538 and 1543. Note: Use the page number display located at top right to find the correct page. UPDATED, PDF Format – Links: Book Summary | and Download Book)

On Thursday (September 6), the UK gave an update to the UN Security Council on its investigation of the poisoning attack on former double agent Sergei Skripal in Salisbury in May. Karen Pierce, the British representative to the UN, summed up the statements given on the previous days by the British investigators and Prime Minister Theresa May on the case. She reiterated the claim that the two suspects in the case were officers of the GRU, Russia’s military intelligence agency, based on classified intelligence available to the British government.

Her Russian counterpart, Vasily Nebenzya, called the allegations “a cocktail of lies” and denied any involvement of the Russian state in the Skripal saga. The Russian diplomat said the promised breakthrough in the case turned out to be disappointing for Russia and simply followed a pattern of baseless accusations against Moscow by the British side.

He said the British…itself stated that the two suspects most likely used aliases when entering Britain, which begs the question why they were called Russian nationals, yet alone agents of the Russian government. The British authorities, he added, refused to hand over to Russia the information they have on the suspects, including their fingerprints, which they must have provided to get a visa. The fingerprints, obviously, would have made identifying those individuals much easier, Nebenzya said, adding that apparently London is not interested in finding out who the suspects are.


Authors of Skripal saga are good storytellers, says Lavrov

TASS – September 7, 2018: Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov thinks that authors of different versions concerning the Skripal poisoning in the UK are good storytellers, he told journalists on Thursday.

“Yes, [they are good storytellers],” the minister agreed with the journalists, who asked him to give his opinion on Theresa May’s address to the UK Parliament, in which she accused two Russian citizens of being involved in the crime.

The journalists then asked Lavrov where the British officials get their information from, to which the minister replied: “From the Internet.”


Defenders rally around Pope, fear escalating Church war

REUTERS – September 7, 2018: Supporters of Pope Francis have rushed to his defense after a former top Vatican official launched an unprecedented attack on him, a move they say dangerously escalates a campaign to weaken his papacy by conservatives who condemn him as too liberal.


Pope Tells Press: Stop Focusing On Scandal

RELIGION NEWS – September 6, 2018 (posted on January 24, 2017): The article highlights that Pope Francis calls on media to end ‘constant focus on bad news’.

Pope Francis has urged global news outlets to “stem the spiral of fear” caused by coverage of the world’s tragedies and scandals.

“I am convinced that we have to break the vicious circle of anxiety and stem the spiral of fear resulting from a constant focus on ‘bad news,’” the pope said in a message Tuesday (Jan. 24).

“This has nothing to do with spreading misinformation that would ignore the tragedy of human suffering, nor is it about a naive optimism blind to the scandal of evil.”

In a powerfully worded message, the pope said he wanted to encourage media professionals to engage in “constructive forms of communication that reject prejudice” and help create a world of “realism and trust.”


Revelations of US cardinal sex abuse will force pope’s hand

YAHOO – September 6, 2018: Revelations that one of the most respected U.S. cardinals allegedly sexually abused both boys and adult seminarians have raised questions about who in the Catholic Church hierarchy knew — and what Pope Francis is going to do about it.

If the accusations against Cardinal Theodore McCarrick bear out…will Francis revoke his title as cardinal? Sanction him to a lifetime of penance and prayer? Or even defrock him, the expected sanction if McCarrick were a mere priest?

And will Francis, who has already denounced a “culture of cover-up” in the church, take the investigation all the way to the top, where it will inevitably lead?


Pope sees sex scandal as greatest threat to church

YAHOO – September 6, 2018: (Note: Article deleted from Yahoo.) (BattleForWorld: The financial ruling elites are determine to oust Pope Francis from the Vatican using the hyped up sex abuse scandal.)


Pope blames church sex scandal on breakdown of society

FREE REPUBLIC (May 17, 2007, original post by Alex Murphy from BREITBART) – September 6, 2018: Pope The article highlights that Benedict XVI chided Americans for a moral breakdown he said had fueled the church’s child sex abuse scandal, ahead of an open-air mass before tens of thousands here Thursday. Gates opened at Washington’s new sports stadium before dawn so that an expected 48,000 people could trickle through stringent security measures to attend the mass at 10:00 am (1400 GMT).

Benedict received a rapturous White House welcome Wednesday and met privately with President George W. Bush in the Oval Office, before addressing the pedophile priest scandal that has rocked the US church in a speech to US Catholic bishops.

“What does it mean to speak of child protection when pornography and violence can be viewed in so many homes through media widely available today?” the pontiff said on the first full day of his US visit.

“Children deserve to grow up with a healthy understanding of sexuality and its proper place in human relationships. They should be spared the degrading manifestations and the crude manipulation of sexuality so prevalent today.”

Describing clerics who sexually abuse children as “gravely immoral,” the octogenarian pope warned that the scourge of pedophilia “is found not only in your dioceses but in every sector of society.”

“It calls for a determined, collective response,” he said, but did not outline any firm action that the Vatican intended to take…


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