Russian Researchers Identify Gene Mutation Behind Obesity – Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Cholesterol

SPUTNIK NEWS – September 4, 2018: The article highlights that researchers at Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University and Tomsk National Research Medical Center have taken an important step in studying metabolic syndrome by identifying a number of polymorphisms (gene mutations) that define it, Baltic Federal University’s press service said in a statement.

Metabolic syndrome is described as a collection of disorders leading to obesity and hypertension. It includes the risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes and can be lethal.

Research on the molecular mechanisms behind metabolic syndrome is especially relevant today due to the growing incidence of obesity,” said Larisa Litvinova, Head of Immunology and Cellular Biotechnology Laboratory at Immanuel Kant University.

Researchers focused on the endothelial nitric oxide (NOS3) gene, which is in charge of nitro compound synthesis in the human body. It turns out that synthesis was deficient in patients with metabolic syndrome, making it impossible for blood vessels to function properly.

“We found that NOS3 T-786C polymorphism was closely associated with the risk of metabolic syndrome, including elevated glucose concentration and high blood pressure, high levels of cholesterol and triglycerides,” Litvinova pointed out. And said that T-786C polymorphism is determined by the level of cholesterol.

(BattleForWorld: Maybe the western vaccines are causing all these illnesses in people by mutating certain genes? And the Russians are now designing treatments to repair these genes mutated by western vaccines?)


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