Russia Has New Stealth Camouflage That Change Colors Rapidly To Conceal Troops

YAHOO – August 21, 2018: The article highlights that the Russian defense contractor Rostec just showed off a stealth camouflaged helmet that they claim can change colors quickly and can even display moving images to better conceal Russian troops on the combat field.

“The specialized electrically-operated material covering the helmet prototype is able to change color depending on the camouflaged surface and environment,” Rostec said in a press statement of the helmet displayed Tuesday (August 21) at the Army-2018 Forum in Moscow.

“The material can display dynamic changes of color intensity and simulate complex images, for example, the motion of leaves in the wind.” Rostec said that the stealth camouflage coating can be “applied to the base, like ordinary paint, and does not require great accuracy in terms of thickness and uniformity.”


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