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Primary challenge to Trump? It could help him in 2020

THE HILL – August 20, 2018: The article highlights that President Trump could face a primary challenger in 2020. And that a contested fight for the Republican nomination might be exactly what he wants.

The big question isn’t whether Trump would win a primary, but whether being tested would weaken him for the general election. And that intraparty challenges to incumbent presidents have traditionally wounded commanders in chief. And cited the election in 1976 where former President Ford prevailed over Ronald Reagan before losing to Jimmy Carter.

All of that suggests Trump would benefit from not having a 2020 Republican challenger.

Yet Trump has repeatedly defied being conventional in his political career, and there are reasons to think a GOP challenge could actually help him.

And Trump’s support base has shown that it is invigorated by challenges to the president, whether they come from Democrats or Republicans seen as part of the GOP establishment.

Also Trump has generally emerged from intra-GOP conflicts with strength and it’s still early. Much will happen between now and the 2020 primary season, most notably the midterm elections

“Trump will insert himself in the Democrats’ narrative and suck the oxygen from them,” Republican strategist Ford O’Connell stated.

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