Putin Calls Summit With Trump First Step Towards ‘Clearing Backlog’ In Russia-US Relations

TASS – July 16, 2018: The article highlights that Putin said that the talks have reflected that “President Trump and I are both interested in fixing the negative state of our bilateral relations”and that it was the first move towards “clearing the backlog” of problems in relations between the two countries.

“Of course, numerous problems persist, and we have failed to clear the backlog in full, it was impossible to do this, but I believe we have made the first important step in that direction,” Putin told a news conference after the summit talks in Helsinki on Monday (July 16).

Putin said his talks with Trump were useful and successful.

“The talks with President of the United States Mr. Donald Trump were held in a frank, business-like atmosphere,” he said. “I view them as successful and useful.”

According to Putin, the two presidents “focused on the current state of and potential for the Russian-US relations along with on topical international issues.”

“It is evident that bilateral relations are passing through difficult times, but those difficulties and the current tense atmosphere have no objective reasons,” Putin is convinced.

“The Cold War ended long ago, the era of acute ideological confrontation between the two countries is a thing of the past, and the situation has drastically changed in the world,” he explained.

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Bolton to meet Russian counterpart for ‘Helsinki summit follow-up’ – White House

RT – August 14, 2018: The article highlights that President Donald Trump’s national security adviser John Bolton will meet with his Russian counterpart next week for follow-up discussions on issues raised at the Helsinki summit, the White House confirmed.

After meeting officials in Israel and Ukraine, Bolton will head to Geneva to meet with an unnamed Russian representative to “discuss a range of national security issues,” White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders told reporters on Tuesday, calling it a “follow-up” to last month’s summit in Helsinki.

The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said earlier that a meeting between Bolton and secretary of the Security Council Nikolay Patrushev could happen “by the end of the summer.”


Trump Says Looking Forward to Second Meeting With Putin

SPUTNIK NEWS – July 19, 2018: The president’s words come amid continuing criticism from US politicians and some media over his handling of the Helsinki summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

President Trump has taken to Twitter to voice his concerns over how the so-called ‘Fake News Media’ was handling his approach to Russia, warning that they “badly” wanted “to see a major confrontation with Russia,” even if this “could lead to war.”


Trump’s Russian Meddling Reversal Suggests US Becoming ‘Authoritarian’

SPUTNIK NEWS – July 18, 2018: The article highlights that both media and political backlash are being thrown against the US President Donald Trump for his flip-flopping antics on whether or not Russia interfered in the 2016 presidential election, suggesting that the Land of the Free is heading toward an authoritarian route, historian and investigative journalist Gareth Porter told Sputnik.

POTUS spent a second day Wednesday (July 18) attempting to reassure critics that he’d misspoken at the Helsinki summit on Monday, telling reporters that “there’s been no president ever as tough as I have been on Russia.”

Porter told Sputnik Radio’s Loud & Clear on Wednesday that 45’s decision to walk back his statements suggests that the US is going to be heading down a road where political heads won’t be able to speak freely.

To me, this is really the primary case study of how this political system is moving at a very rapid pace toward a rather authoritarian — very authoritarian — political caste, in which it’s going to become much more difficult to take positions that are at odds with the extremely hardline new Cold War position of the combined political media and national security elites,” the historian told hosts Brian Becker and John Kiriakou.

“There’s no doubt that 95 percent of the corporate media is partisan against Trump and in fact feels personally that he’s a menace to the United States,” he told Kiriakou. “At the same time, I think that 100 percent of the corporate media believe that it is vital to the interest of those people who they are close to in the military, the intelligence agencies and the political elites, that the United States start a new Cold War with Russia and that it be pursued to the hilt both militarily and especially in terms of intelligence and counterintelligence activities on the part of the US government.”

Listen to “Helsinki Summit Results in Growing Cold War” on Spreaker.


JOHN BRENNAN: Trump’s Press Conference an Impeachable Offense, ‘Treasonous’

GARBIE NEWS – July 16, 2018: “Donald Trump’s press performance in Helsinki rises to & exceeds the threshold of ‘high crimes and misdemeanors,'” Brennan tweeted. “It was nothing short of treasonous. Not only were Trump’s comments imbecilic, he is wholly in the pocket of Putin. Republican Patriots: Where are you???”


Anderson Cooper: Disgraceful performance by Trump during Putin meeting

CNN – July 16, 2018: After a joint news conference with President Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin, CNN’s Anderson Cooper called Trump’s performance “disgraceful.”


Dictionary.com Shares Definitions of ‘Traitor’, ‘Patriot’ After Helsinki Summit

SPUTNIK NEWS – July 16, 2018: The website Dictionary.com could not stay away the issue after the Helsinki Summit: the word-loving website’s Twitter account shared the definitions of the words “traitor” and “patriot” following the meeting between Trump and Putin that sparked fierce criticism among high-ranking US Trump critics in politics and media.

Patriot: A person who loves, supports, and defends his or her country and its interests with devotion,” the account tweeted.

This was followed by: “Traitor: A person who commits treason by betraying his or her country.”


World Press Mocks Trump And Putin Summit In Helsinki

MIRROR – July 16, 2018: The article highlights that the US president Donald Trump meeting with Vladimir Putin today gave him the ideal opportunity to confront Russia over its meddling in American affairs. But, the US president stunned his nation by turning on his own ­intelligence chiefs and insisted Moscow did not interfere in the 2016 election race, which he won.

(BattleForWorld: Wow. The Globalists were truly looking for a confrontation with Russia on camera and was hoping that Trump’s meeting with Putin in Helsinki would have ignited it. Very shameful indeed, which goes to show that these globalist governance beast-666 supporters have no interest in peace whatsoever and forever prefer confrontation, wars and the murdering of people, from which it appears to give them joy.)

And Mr Trump was tonight branded a spineless traitor for siding with his rival and calling an FBI probe into claims Putin ­influenced the election “ridiculous”.

During a joint press conference in Helsinki, which was briefly delayed when a protester was removed, the president insisted: “There was no collusion at all.


MSNBC Guest Suggests Helsinki Summit Worse Than Nazi Pogrom, Bombings

SPUTNIK NEWS – July 17, 2018: Mainstream liberal media in America is having a fit over the prospect of diplomacy between the United States and Russia in the face of allegations that US President Donald Trump is a “puppet” of Russian President Vladimir Putin, with many concluding that the Helsinki Summit constitutes “treason” by the US leader.

Trump was greeted Monday night by hordes of beltway demonstrators, who awaited his return to the White House with shouts of “traitor!” Protesters told the commander-in-chief to “Go back to Russia,” after his high-level talks in Finland.

The likes of CNN and MSNBC apparently decided more hysteria was needed to help Americans grapple with the wake of an event that has been called the “darkest hour in the history of the American presidency” (usurping the mass incarceration of America’s Japanese-descended population by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt and the dropping of the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki by his successor Harry Truman in terms of the gravest sins committed by a US president, not to mention Andrew Jackson’s Trail of Tears).


‘US media endorsing idea that Russia is enemy’ – Ron Paul

RT – July 17, 2018: Politicians joined the media in denouncing Trump, after the U.S. leader vouched for Putin when the topic of election meddling came up during their press conference.


Bookmaker increases chances of Trump being impeached after Putin summit

THE HILL – July 18, 2018: The article highlights that the chances that President Donald Trump will be impeached are rising, according to one Irish bookmaker, one day after Trump refused to denounce Russian meddling in the 2016 election following a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Paddy Power increased the likelihood of Trump being impeached on Tuesday (July 17) from 8-1 to 2-1, according to Yahoo News. The news outlet had first reported that the betting company also had increased the likelihood of Trump being impeached this year (2018), from 12-1 to 8-1.

A Paddy Power spokesman told Yahoo News that “After the carnage of the last few days, we’ve seen plenty of punters Putin money on Trump’s impeachment again — although I’m sure they’ll soon get a message, in Russian, urging them to stop.”

And that the odds of Trump’s impeachment increasing comes after his high-stakes summit with Putin in Finland, where he drew widespread condemnation for the comments he made during a joint press conference.


Secret Helsinki deal: US (& Israel) behind agreement with Russia at the summit

DEBKA – July 18, 2018: The article highlights that the scandal over President Donald Trump’s defense of President Vladimir Putin against US intelligence at the Helsinki press conference – for which he, sort of, apologized – has given him cover, where it served as a distraction from a momentous military-intelligence deal the two presidents secretly contracted at their summit, with approval from Israel. (BattleForWorld: I did not know that the United States government was really US and Israel sharing power?)

According to DEBKAfile, it has obtained exclusive access to this deal and can reveal for the first time that it provides for the handover to Russian responsibility of all parts of southern and southwestern Syria abutting on the Israeli and Jordanian borders, including, most importantly, surveillance and observation elevations that oversee all parts of Syria, Iraq, Jordan, Israel, Lebanon and the eastern Mediterranean. And that President Trump and Binyamin Netanyahu thereby gave Putin a valuable asset for boosting Russia’s military presence in Syria and the region at large.


Kushner Cursed At Israel’s Ambassador To US For ‘Pushing’ White House ‘Around’

SPUTNIK NEWS – June 13, 2018: According to Israeli newspaper Haaretz, the alleged incident took place on February 13, 2017, when Michael Flynn was forced to resign as Donald Trump’s national security adviser. (BattleForWorld: This one is breaking news!!! But can President Trump push back the Zionists? Because they are so mischief-making. Trump must be careful of these deceptors.)

The US president’s son-in-law and adviser allegedly used an expletive in a conversation with Israeli Ambassador to the United States Ron Dermer as the latter visited the White House, Haaretz reported. Dermer reportedly sought to sign secret documents with the sitting president, which would allegedly serve as a sign of the US’ commitment not to ask Israel to abandon its purported nuclear arsenal.

(BattleForWorld: I wonder if Kim Jong-un is going to see this bit of news about Israel wanting Trump to sign secret documents on not to talk about Israel’s nuclear arsenal.)

The ambassador purportedly wanted to meet privately with Flynn, forcing Trump’s advisers to explain that Dermer could not dictate whom he wished to talked to. According to Haaretz, the aides got a feeling that they were “being taken advantage of.”


Jared Kushner Swore at Israel’s Ambassador for Acting Like He Owned the Place

HAARETZ – June 13, 2018: The article highlights that one of President Trump’s advisor, his son-in-law Jared Kushner, has been pursuing responsibilities regarding a Middle East peace plan. And while Kushner has long expressed sympathy for Israel — Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu once slept in his bedroom — and so relations haven’t always been smooth between them.

And that Kushner used profanity to scold Israeli ambassador to the United States Ron Dermer for being too heavy-handed in his dealings with the White House.

On February 13, 2017, the day that Michael Flynn was forced out as national-security adviser, Dermer reportedly went to the White House to try to arrange for Trump to sign secret documents, as other presidents had done, which the Israelis saw as an American commitment not to ask them to give up their undeclared nuclear arsenal. Dermer asked to meet privately with Flynn, prompting aides to explain that he could not dictate whom he wanted to meet with. Advisers felt like they were being taken advantage of, said the Haaretz article.


CrossTalk: Apocalyptic Reaction

RT – July 18, 2018: The very idea of a Trump-Putin summit was controversial from the start. They met in Helsinki and essentially agreed the U.S. and Russia should at least engage in dialogue. Much of the media and the foreign policy swamp reacted with an apocalyptic meltdown. Has the establishment lost its mind?


Tucker Carlson: Trump’s Being Held Hostage By The Deep State

INFO WARS NEWS – July 18, 2018: Fox News Tucker Carlson says that President Trump is being held hostage. And one member of congress calls for a military coup against Trump. (BattleForWorld: And that the neocons are using corporate media to provoke disunity among Americans to bring down Trump’s government.) NOTE: Youtube deleted the Info War channel – feud going on with censorship.


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