Moscow And Tehran Link Up To Strike Israeli Targets In Response For US-Led Operation In Syria

DEBKA – April 12, 2018: The supreme leader’s senior adviser, Ali Akbar Velayati  proposed combining Iran’s action against Israel with Russia’s plans for countering the forthcoming US-British-France operation in Syria.

The Iranian and Russian officials were of one mind that Israel’s T-4 strike was the opening shot for that operation, and the next round of attacks would target Iranian and possibly also Russian targets in Syria.

The Russian ambassador to Beirut put them straight on this when he said on Wednesday. “If there is a strike by the Americans then … the missiles will be downed and even their launch sites would be targeted.”

Equally out of sync was the theory put about in the last 24 hours by some sources in Jerusalem, that Israel has no part to play in the US-British-French punitive operation against the Assad regime in Syria, since its only interest lies in preventing Iran from establishing a military presence in that country.

That theory is no longer relevant, because whatever Israel does now, it is not off the hook. For Moscow, Tehran and Damascus, Israel is an integral part of the US-led alliance and is seen to have fired the first shot for the main operation against Syria. Therefore, while Israel geared up initially for a limited Iranian strike from its northern border, it is now feared that a military location deep inside the country may be targeted.

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