Moscow Cancels New Round Of Strategic Consultations With US

TASS – March 2, 0218: Washington has wrecked cybersecurity consultations with Moscow, Russian ambassador to the US Anatoly Antonov told TASS Thursday (March 1), adding that as a result Moscow has found it impossible to organize a new round of talks on strategic stability. And “We have expressed indignation to the Department of State that the American side has wrecked Russian-American expert consultations on global information security. Earlier it was agreed to conduct them in Geneva on February 27-28. Russia’s inter-agency delegation already arrived in Switzerland. The Americans refused to participate in the event just on its first day under the pretext of absolutely ungrounded accusations against Russia,” he said.

MABUS (i.e. the US-ABM treaty) – (foretold centuries ago about the US withdrawing from the ABM treaty to pursue the path of war and destruction!)

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