Stop Blaming Trump!!! – The US Is Weaker, Divided & Losing International Prestige

BATTLEFORWORLD – March 2, 2018: What is happening to America did not start under President Trump. It has been decades in the making/implementing by other presidents under the guidance of the Military Industrial Complex and the ruling shadow cabal who wanted the United States to dominate the world and so gave it a big baton to spread might and put fear into countries. And with each president of the United States it just gets worse and worse, because the objective is not to make peace and goodwill, but to spread fear and war to eventually dominate the world. And the command structure that is in place for world domination is pushing Trump in the same direction. Trump will not be allowed to make peace because there is no world domination in compromise. And this so-called United States prestige wants might and not compromise, because the Ruling Elites want world domination and is pushing such to beat down everybody else into surrendering.

RT – March 2, 2018: While its military and economic clout still knows no competition, the world is no longer America’s playground; and with Trump’s isolationist and aggressive stance, the US surrenders positions internationally, Noam Chomsky told RT.

In an interview with RT Spanish’s “Conversation with Correa” host and Ecuador’s former President Rafael Correa, renowned American philosopher and political scientist Noam Chomsky argued that US President Donald Trump’s claims that he is making America greater, stronger and more powerful have absolutely no merit.

“Under Trump, it’s becoming weaker, less effective, it’s internally disintegrating, it’s losing whatever international authority or prestige it had and it’s also moving to destroy the world,” Chomsky said.

Trump’s decision to pull out of the milestone Paris climate accord, which is aimed at fighting climate change, endangers the future life on the planet, Chomsky said, arguing that the US withdrawal from the pledge to reduce its carbon footprint is “the most important policy of the Trump administration by far.”

Here, the United States under Trump has departed from the entire world. Every other country has at least some kind of commitment to addressing this growing and, in effect, imminent crisis. The US alone, under Trump, is aggressively moving to increase the danger, to escalate by the greater concentration on fossil fuels extraction.”

Washington does not shy away from an occasional show of force, most recently flexing its military muscle at the North Korean borders. Noting that Trump’s war rhetoric towards North Korea “could materialize very easily,” Chomsky argued that the only feasible approach to breaking the standoff is the “double freeze” plan proposed by China and backed by Russia. The plan, which envisages the halt of the US and its allies’ wargames in the region in exchange for the suspension of North Korea’s nuclear and missile program, was rejected by Washington.

US power in the international system as a national entity has declined, but, meanwhile, the world has changed under neoliberal globalization and if you look at the ownership of the world, international multinational corporations based in the US have about 50 percent ownership of the world’s economy.”

The US militaristic might is likewise enormous, according to Chomsky. “In military terms, no one else is even close to the US, the US spends almost as much as the rest of the world combined, it’s technologically vastly more advanced.”


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