Democracy Now Radio Show Backs ‘Neocon Project Of Regime Change In Syria’

RT – February 26, 2018: Journalist Max Blumenthal called out Democracy Now radio for pushing for regime change in Syria. The move has sparked a war of words between guest Wendy Pearlman and others on Twitter.

Tweeting footage from a Democracy Now discussion about Syria, Blumenthal questioned the news outlet’s apparent backing of “the neocon project of regime change in Syria.” He also pointed to guest Pearlman’s earlier calls for the US to provide air cover to extremist groups in Syria, highlighting just how poorly that strategy worked in Libya.

(BattleForWorld: It has been a continuous hell on planet Earth where the Zionist movement talking heads dictates geopolitical policies on western media outlets, pushing their plans toward some future goal of world governance. And lets not forget about Yemen, Libya, the relentless fighting in African countries, etc. – the Ruling Elites fighting over resources using all sorts of geopolitical trickery.)

Footage Of Alleged Israeli-Made Weapons Found In Syria’s Deir Ez-Zor


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