Russia Not Asking Europe To lift Sanctions, They Are Illegal

RT – February 26, 2018: Russia has repeatedly told European countries that the sanctions are illegal and will not ask for them to be dropped.

And that Russia is prepared to resume cooperation with European countries via all channels without any preconditions, said the Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov on Monday (February 26).

Moscow is aware that many in the European Union know how harmful the current state of affairs in relations with Russia was and “pressed for putting an end to this state of affairs,” the top Russian diplomat said. He also noted that Moscow won’t hold talks on the terms of lifting anti-Russian sanctions. “We never ask the European Union or other countries, which joined sanctions, to lift these sanctions, and we won’t hold any talks on the conditions of lifting the sanctions,” Lavrov said.

He reiterated that Moscow is ready to cooperate with its European partners and governments so that objective interests of business circles are taken into account.


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