Russian Su-57 Fighter Jets Testing In Syria

BATTLEFORWORLD – February 24, 2018: A video has emerged on Facebook on February 21 purportedly showing two Su-57 jets operating from Russia’s Khmeimim Airbase in in the skies over Syria. The release of the video  document the fifth-generation fighter’s first combat drill.

A day after the release video Russian lawmaker Vladimir Gutenev told Sputnik on Thursday that the deployment of the Su-57 may serve as a constraining factor for aircraft of neighboring states that periodically violate Syrian airspace. (BattleForWorld: So this is a change for the new Su-57 jet to test its array of electronic equipment and engine in the Middle-East climate.)

And SPUTNIKNEWS is reporting that two more Su-57 has landed in Syria at the same airbase as the first two fighter jets.

Informational photos relating to the Su-57 (Note: BattleForWorld does not own copyrights to these images.):

Radars and sensors



Su-57 testing the Izdeliye 30 engine


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