Call For More Anti-Anxiety Drugs

TELEGRAPH – February 22, 2018: At least a million more Britons should be put on antidepressants, the authors of the largest ever review of the drugs today conclude.

The research led by Oxford University and published in The Lancet, examined 522 trials involving 21 types of medication used over almost four decades. And all were found to be effective, yet its researchers warned that just one in six patients suffering from depression are receiving treatment. And too many GPs (i.e. general practitioners) were “squeamish” about offering medication for depression, when they would not hesitate to ensure patients received treatment for cancer or heart disease. …

Some of the best known antidepressants in Britain – such as Prozac – and the most widely prescribed drug, citalopram  – were found to be among the least effective.

“Depression causes misery to countless thousands every year and this study adds to the existing evidence that effective treatments are available. This study also adds clarity about how effective and how well tolerated all the common antidepressants are, and should help clinicians and patients in treatment choices.”

(BattleForWorld: I was a bit disappointed at the article for not commenting about environments and depression, because today from political traumatization, personal life, family life, social life, work life, illness coping, etc. a lot more people are being exhausted into anxiety moods.)


Young Adults Spend Six Hours Per Day ‘Stressed Out’

INDEPENDENT – March 1, 2018: Young adults spend more than six hours a day “stressed out”, a study has found.

A poll of 1,000 18-25-year-olds found money, appearance and career worries as well as fears about the future mean a large chunk of their time is spent feeling anxious or under pressure.

But one in 10 feel they have no-one to turn to discuss their concerns, leaving them to face their fears alone.


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