Bitcoin Will Not Recover Until Panic Recedes

RT – February 12, 2018: The fear that has gripped the cryptocurrency market is keeping bitcoin and other digital coins from making new gains, according to analysts polled by RT.

Growth will not happen until the current panic recedes, and this may take weeks and months,” Mikhail Mashchenko, an analyst at social network for investors eToro, told RT. (BATTLEFORWORLD: That means they, the hidden hands/plungers, are going to drive Bitcoin lower to make it more attractive to investors. Of course there’s no evidence regarding hidden hands and reports about the plunge want the public to believe that the timely fall in Bitcoin is naturally occurring. Very strange.)

“Those who want to invest in the cryptocurrencies may try to start opening positions on it. At least, it is much more reasonable than waiting for the return of the exchange rate to its maximum highs.”

Bitcoin Is A ‘Project Of US Intelligence


Few Americans reporting crypto trading to IRS

YAHOO – February 13, 2018: According to the article, less than 100 people out of the 250,000 individuals who have already filed federal taxes this year through company Credit Karma reported a cryptocurrency transaction to U.S. tax authorities, the company said.

The IRS considers cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin as property for federal tax purposes, meaning any profits or losses from the sale or exchange of the virtual coins should generally be reported as capital gains or losses on financial books.


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