The Bond Market – The Gift That Keeps On Giving

RT/Keiser Report (1187) – February 12, 2018:  There’s a mad dash for cash because the 30-year olf Bull Market in bonds looks like its coming to an end. Inflation is upon us and bond prices is going to fall. They are already falling. Yields are rising. Of course I have been saying this for five years and others in the financial punditry space have been saying this for five years and have been wrong for five years. So with that caveat, I will emphatically once again say, without equivocation that I could be wrong again, that the bond market will not crash this time, it will continue. Yields will go even lower, and negative yields on various bonds will increase from the multi-trillion dollars worth of negative yielding sovereign debt now to even more multi-multi-multi-trillion dollars of negative yielding of sovereign debt and we are going to go down the rabbit hole even further. But it certainly sounds like with the panic-cash withdrawal in place like China and the sell-off on all these various markets and with the oil prices climbing higher and gold looking better, we have got here and old fashion reversal. It’s a rotation.


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