Staying Alive In 2018 And Into The Future – Civil Unrest, Economic Collapse, Terrorism, Survival, Cyber Attack, Nuclear World War, Etc.

MIKESGEARREVIEWS – February 5, 2018: The year 2018 has just begun and everyone has welcomed the New Year with great joy. Though everyone is busy celebrating the Christmas and New Year holidays, there are chances that 2018 might be the year where nuclear war can start.

Apart from nuclear war, there are other disasters too that might cause destruction to a very large extent. So, here are the top 8 disasters to prepare for in 2018 [and into the future until these threats are no more].

1. Nuclear Accident

We have just entered the age where destruction depends only on the mercy of some of the autocrats. The year 2017 has gifted the intolerance of the nations to this year as well. Gone are the days when the USA used to boast about its nuclear powers. In today’s time, almost every small or big nation has kept the biggest disaster in its arsenal.

According to International Atomic Energy Agency, a nuclear accident is an event that leads to significant consequences for people and environment. It is the biggest threat that advancement of technology has given to mankind. Almost all the developed and developing nations have such deadly nuclear weapons that can kill millions and leave an area uninhabitable for years. The biggest examples of the obliteration from the nuclear weapons are Hiroshima and Nagasaki which bring everything to end for years. The weapons dropped by the USA destroyed not only the lives of the people at that time but also the future of the people of these two places.

In the current scenario, Kim Jong-un of North Korea seems of playing the role of Hitler. The tussle between Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump of USA is increasing day-by-day. It is also threatening that both the countries have a good number of nuclear weapons and if the situation goes worst either of the two leaders will not feel shy about making use of the nuclear weapons. Except the countries going cold war, there are other terrorist groups as well that are holding nuclear weapons which is also a threat towards mankind. The nuclear accidents are not only detrimental to the humans but also to the environment. Any superpower or allied country or terrorist groups like ISIS could cause a nuclear incident with relative ease.

Although one cannot stop this disaster from taking place, we can prepare in advance to safeguard against such nuclear threats. Nuclear accidents may also occur due to the failure of the system. One of the examples of it was the failure of the nuclear reactor of Japan.

Given below are some of the precautions that one should take in case if a nuclear accident occurs:-

▪ It is advisable to stay inside your home at least for 9 days after the nuclear accident.
▪ When you hear air sirens, it is safe to be inside your shelter as staying outside may lead more grasping of the polluted air.
▪ Nuclear accidents can cause damage to eyes as well, so avoid looking at its blast directly.
▪ If you are outside, duck and cover your body properly in order to avoid reactions.

2. EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse)

EMP is a burst of electromagnetic radiation created by nuclear explosions. These are the rapid invisible bursts of electromagnetic energy that generally occurs during lightning strikes. Its affliction can be as large as to the whole continent and it can easily destroy nearby electronics as well. This makes it one of the devastating disasters of the modern times. It happens for as short as a fraction of microsecond but its effect can be huge. If this disaster takes place, it will hamper the technology which we use daily. All the power and communication grids will go down that will derail economy and lives as well. It is also detrimental to communications, medical services, and logistics.

EMP can be a cost-effective way for terrorists or other such groups to instill the fear and deaths in the world. An augury of this was made by Barrack Obama in 2016 where he suggested people to be prepared for the EMP attacks in an address to FEMA. The effect of EMP would be such that it will take us years to recover from the aftermath.

There are lots of groups with cruel intentions who would choose this option to create the disharmony around the world. Such an act can be opted by terrorist groups like ISIS or lone wolf, or nations like North Korea. There is no way we can stop this disaster and its effects but we can take following precautions, in order to safeguard ourselves from such disasters:-

▪ Always disconnect your devices from the grids.
▪ Keep the communication devices in a faraday cage.
▪ It is also advisable to stay inside your homes as civil unrest will likely follow when the grid goes down.

3. Cyber Attack

In a layman language, we can say that cyber attack is the attack on the system of the computer. These attacks are generally done with social or political motives. The primary mode used for this attack is the Internet. These attacks are carried through the spread of malicious programs, unauthorized web access, fake websites and other means of stealing the important information from the systems.

One of the recent examples of the cyber attack was the blame on Russia. It was claimed that Russia makes use of cyber attack to make Hillary Clinton the president of USA.[1] This shows how devastating its effects can be especially for the country like ours that is still shying away from bringing a strict law on cyber attack. Cyber attacks are an incredibly cost-effective way to steal information intelligently and cause financial harm. Some well-funded nations have hired professional hackers to help them in this attack. We are on the edge of seeing a cyber war that will be very harmful to the economy. Not only nations but other terrorist groups are actively working to make the cyberattack a success for them.

To protect yourself, here are some points that one should follow, in order to stay protected against such attacks:-

▪ Do not delay in disconnecting your devices from the internet in case of such attacks.
▪ Scan your devices for intrusions and malware.
▪ Do not download or share anything.
▪ Listen to the instructions over the radio or T.V. from the government.

4. Water Supply Contamination

The mankind has himself given rise to this disaster. One of such disaster is pollution and contamination of water around the world. Water is the basic requirement for the survival of the human but with the development; the water level has not only got reduced but also getting polluted. There are chances that soon the tap water will not be even drinkable and this afflicts us a lot. This will also be the shortage of the water supply. Enemies will be also tempted to target the short water supply to obliterate the nation.

More than anyone else, we all are responsible for this threat. The local governments have also failed in maintaining the water suitable for the people while the profit organizations or the businesses are only thinking about their self-interest and wasting the precious water for their own benefit.

Given below are some precautions that one can take in order to protect from such disaster:-

▪ Test your water supply for contamination.
▪ Reduce the water usage.
▪ Water purifiers should be used to remove harmful elements from the water.

5. Economic Collapse

The Great Depression of the United States of America is the prime example of the economic collapse. It simply means the complete breakdown of the economy. This is a severe version of the depression where an economy remains in the complete distress for a long period. An economic collapse brings civil unrest, high levels of poverty, market crashes, and situation of hyperinflation. (BATTLEFORWORLD: In the “enhanced” Silent Revolution Of Truth Compilation Edition, the free PDF book, refer to page 1412 and read about the pending civil war in America. The economic crisis, page 1413. And even Zbigniew Brzezinski spoke about the approaching massive depression [i.e. economic collapse], page 1264. USA and Germany planning nuclear war with Russia, page 1414. The poisoning of the food and drinking water, page 1409. UPDATED, PDF Format – Links: Book Summary | and Download Book)

The economic collapse occurs due to the faulty planning and policies for years. Therefore it is very difficult to correct it in the short span of time. The nation can only try to reduce its effects. The biggest indicator of economic collapse is the fall of the money value of the nation and banks becoming defaulters. In the current scenario when each nation is trying hard to outperform other, economic collapse cannot be an image only. There can be many reasons for the economic collapse of a country like mismanagement of funds, faulty planning, and implementation etc. Also sometimes bigger nations try to manipulate the economy of the smaller ones which is advisable to some extent.

Here are some major precautions that one must consider:-

▪ Use liquid assets like cash and barter goods.
▪ Do not get involved in the civil unrest.
▪ Store food and other necessary things and rely on your own supply.

6. Pandemic

Pandemic means a disease that has spread around the whole world and causing casualties. Two examples of well-known pandemics are tuberculosis, which is an airborne bacterial infection, and smallpox, a viral infection that has affected humans for thousands of years. More recent examples of pandemics include human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and the H1N1 pandemic of 2009.

In today’s interconnected world, the transmission of the new disease can happen very quickly as people from all corners of the world are connected with each other. EBOLA and ZIKA viruses are one of the latest examples of the pandemics. These occurred in African nations and put a danger of transmitting around the world.

The biggest problem concerned with pandemics is that these transmit within days and makes it almost impossible for the doctors to find a cure for such diseases in such short span of time. A pandemic can originate in any part of the world and it is very difficult to stop it. One can only prevent themselves until the cure is found. There are also the instances when the hostile states or terrorist groups have tried to spread the virus to cause damage.

However, until the cure is found one can adopt certain measures in order to prevent himself from such disease.

▪ Wear a respiratory mask as long as possible
▪ Avoid contact with the sick people
▪ It is advisable to wash your hands regularly
▪ Go outside the home only when it is required a lot
▪ Do not touch your eyes, nose or mouth. Without washing your hands.

7. Civil Unrest 9

When the intolerance among the people grows this takes the form of the civil unrest. In simple words, civil unrest is said to take place when a group of people starts protesting against something. There is no way that government or any autocrat can make them fool. It is also very difficult as the information technology is at its peak.

The gadgets provided under this technology take fraction of second to transfer the data from one place to other. Civil unrests generally come in the form of riots, violence, and looting. In 2017, 230 rioters were arrested during an anti trump rally. There can be various reasons for civil unrest like racial tensions or political tensions. Hostile nations will also try to cause the civil unrest by misinformation and propaganda. As the name suggests civil unrest is generally done by the people. But sometimes political groups or nationalist groups also do the same.

Here are the some of the precautions that one could take in order to protect himself from such disaster:-

▪ Get inside and stay protected
▪ There is no reason to panic if you are safe. So relax and be calm
▪ Be quiet and do not support any group

8. Terrorism

The whole world is suffering from terrorism issues while there are some nations which are supporting the terrorism, and making it hard to combat such deadly issue. The act of terrorism includes bombing, hijacking, chemical attack, shooting or more. Terrorists aim to inflict causalities, financial damage and our fear.

Terrorism has already given the world many shocks and now it is the time that one should prepare in advance for the deadly games being played by some of the terrorist communities such as ISIS and Al Qaeda.

It is important that all the countries around the world should come together to overcome these acts as these have already taken the lives of many. For this, one can:-

▪ Learn how to manage your fear
▪ Try to help the people who are suffering from terrorist attacks
▪ Help the government as well
▪ Learn self-defense skills

[1] The Rothschilds and their allies tried very hard to have Hillary Clinton elected. According to some President Trump is a little version of Hillary is terms of military adventurism.


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