Pensioners In Western Countries Around The World Facing Poverty

(In the “enhanced” Silent Revolution Of Truth Compilation Edition, the free PDF book, refer to pages 1404 and 1414 and read about poverty, the poor and pensioners. When the economy crashes how pension/benefit payments will be affected. How the IMF destroies countries with their demands, page 944. At a future time the annulment of pension plans, page 733.  UPDATED, PDF Format – Links: Book Summary | and Download Book)

Germany’s Poor Pensioners

DWDOCUMENTARY – January 29, 2018: Poverty threatens more German seniors than ever. How to make ends meet, when pension isn’t enough?

US pensioners troubled by debt deal

ALJAZEERAENGLISH – January 29, 2018: As a deadline to raise the US borrowing limit looms, many retirees are worried that their government pension cheques and social security could be cut off.

Old Age Perils: Retirement made bleak in UK by rising costs & poor pensions

RT – January 29, 2018: Britain’s pensioners are going bankrupt faster than any other group in the country. The UK Insolvency Service findings highlight how seriously those over 65 are struggling to keep their homes running, as costs rise. As RT’s Laura Emmett reports, most older people’s budgets have already been cut to the bone.

Why so many Swiss OAPs live below the breadline

SWISWISSINFO –  January 29, 2018: Sixteen percent of people in Switzerland over the age of 65 are classified as poor. Supplementary payments are meant to keep the wolf from the door. But rents and utility surcharges have gone up by about 20% since 2001, and benefits have not been adjusted accordingly. There is an ongoing discussion in parliament about future pension funding.


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