Russian Gas Via LNG Arrives In Boston, United States

BATTLEFORWORLD – January 29, 2018: With all the news excitement about US selling LNG to Europe to push Russia out of the European gas market, it is quite comical with the current ongoing US sanctions drama-play against Russia with the United States having to import gas from a Russian company and a second LNG supply ship in on the way. Why is the state of Boston in America importing Russian gas if the US has so much of it wanting to supply Europe?  And Everett is the largest LNG terminal in America providing 20% of the regional market demand for natural gas.

RT – January 29, 2018: A French vessel carrying Russian liquefied natural gas docked in Boston on Sunday. Another tanker is reportedly on its way, despite Washington’s sanctions against Moscow and amid grand plans of conquering Europe’s gas market.

The tanker named Gaselys, owned by French energy company Engie, arrived in Boston on Sunday morning, the US Coast Guard confirmed to Sputnik. “As far as I know, there are no problems,” a spokesman said. The vessel is loaded with gas originating from Russia’s Yamal LNG plant at the British port of Isle of Grain from which it headed to Everett, an American terminal near Boston.

The US sanctions, imposed in particular against Russia’s largest non-state gas producer Novatek – which happens to be Yamal LNG’s main shareholder – does not seem to hinder business this time. France’s Total, China National Petroleum Corporation and the Silk Road Fund hold the remaining 49.9 percent of shares in the project, located in the Russian Arctic.


Trump pitches US natural gas to European leaders, suggests Russian gas holds them hostage

CNBC – January 29, 2018: President Donald Trump on Thursday (July 6, 2017) pitched U.S. energy exports to Europe as an alternative to supplies from Russia, a nation he suggested had held the region hostage in the past.

Trump made the comments in Warsaw, Poland, where he attended a meeting of the Three Seas Initiative, an effort by 12 Central and Eastern European nations to increase trade, infrastructure and energy ties.


Is U.S. liquefied natural gas a game-changer for Russia, Europe?

POLITIFACT – Janauary 29, 2018: President Donald Trump and televangelist Pat Robertson on the Christian Broadcasting Network where Robertson said that Gazprom, a Russian natural-gas giant, “held Europe by the throat — they were a monopoly, and now the U.S. is breaking into that monopoly with our exports of LNG,” or liquefied natural gas. Trump replied, “We are. We have LNG exporting all over.”


UK buys Russian gas from US-sanctioned company amid freezing winter

RT – January 29, 2018: The first ship carrying Russian-produced gas has reached the UK under a new energy deal. The liquefied natural gas is produced by a company which the US put on its sanctions list, in a move strongly supported by London at the time. (BATTLEFORWORLD: Another comical display of western hypocrisy and Russia bashing and sanctions.)


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