After The US-West Destroys SYRIA And LEBANON The Next Target Is IRAN

After the US-West destroys…SYRIA, LEBANON…the next target is IRAN…and after that the next target will be RUSSIA for destabilization.

BATTLEFORWORLD – Original posting November 30, 2015 (Reposted on August 12, 2017)  – News Intel: The terrorist movement being spearheaded by the United States…using the US Senator Lindsey Graham on CNN said that America has two goals, to destroys ISIL (but the US will just re-brand ISIL with another name – it is a proxy army), and to weaken Iran. And Graham, like how they demonized Saddam Hussein, Muammar Gaddafi, etc. referred to Iran as a Nazi leadership (which CNN aired on the morning of Nov. 30, 2015, but removed the “Nazi” comment from the video posted online).

And the US corporate media is already demonizing Putin as another Hitler for the pending destabilization of Russia. So the goals of the US and their allies are already planning for world domination after Russia is destabilized.

Washington is using Turkey (ITS FUTURE GOAL, AFTER SYRIA, LEBANON, EGYPT AND IRAN IS TAKEN OVER BY THE RADICALIZATION OF ISLAM) as a tool to destabilize Russia. Turkish Military Instructors Gather Near Crimea to ‘Train Mercenaries’. Link: Video


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