Ruling Elites Importing Terrorism To Central Asian States

SPUTNIKNEWS – August 13, 2017: Despite efforts by the Afghan government and the US, Daesh (ISIS/ISIL) and the Taliban continue to gain ground in the country, threatening to import terrorism to Central Asian states. Recently, media reports of unidentified aircraft flying over Afghanistan and supplying Daesh terrorists with weapons emerged.

Zamir Kabulov, a high-ranking career diplomat and Russian presidential envoy to Afghanistan, has recently remarked that if the Afghan government and Washington are unable to counter the threat posed by Daesh’s spread, Russia will resort to military force, Sputnik Afghanistan reported.

For now, however, Russia is waiting for the NATO leadership’s reaction to the unidentified aircraft in Afghanistan.

According to some sources, these aircraft are transporting Daesh militants to a number of areas and supplying them with weapons.

The parliament of Afghanistan echoed the envoy’s concerns. Some deputies even went so far as to suggest that the unidentified aircraft may be connected to the United States.

According to the Russian Foreign Ministry, at least in three northern provinces of Afghanistan (Jowzjan, Faryab, Sar-e Pol), were cases seen being dropped from the unidentified aircraft for Daesh militants.

A question emerges: where did the helicopters appear from in the airspace where only NATO, US and Afghan aviation is allowed to fly?

The chairman of the Jowzjan Provincial Council, Moulavi Abdulhai Hayat, spoke to Sputnik in an interview about this dilemma.

According to the military analyst these helicopters are not unidentified aircraft.

“Everyone knows that the United States and NATO are closely monitoring the situation in Afghanistan. The purpose of these flights is to advise and supply the terrorist groups,” Amarhel said. Link: Read Complete Article


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