Scientists May Have Accidentally Discovered The Cause For Alopecia

MSM – May 29, 2017: Hair loss is a problem experienced by countless men and women, and as with any dilemma, figuring out the root cause is key to solving it. Recently, researchers from the University of California, San Francisco accidentally did just that when a standard investigation into immune cells revealed a previously unknown cause of baldness.

In the  study, now published online in  Cell, the UCSF team discovered that regulatory Treg T cells, a type of immune cell, are also directly involved with stimulating skin to grow healthy hair. In their study, the team found that when these cells were removed, stem cells were no longer able to regenerate hair follicles, which led to baldness. Previously, it was thought that stem cells cause hairs to regrow after they fall out, but the new research shows this is only the case when Tregs are present, The Independent  reported. Link: Read Complete Article


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