GE’s Jeff Immelt: Robots Won’t Kill Human Jobs

AXIOS – April 1, 2017: CEO Jeff Immelt says that General Electric (GE) will support futuristic manufacturing, having abandon business ventures like finance and network television to focus on building things like jet engines and gas turbines. Here are some opinions about automation and the future of work:

Immelt thinks that fears regarding robot-driven joblessness are overblown, and noted: “This notion of the war of the robots happening in the short term, that’s more of a Silicon Valley vision than the real world.”

(But the public believes that robots will make American CEOs richer due to their lower financial requirement than humans.)

Immelt says “It’s not just technology, but politics that drive automation: “The question of the last election was, ‘how do you create $25 per hour jobs?” …In a global economy, jobs that don’t require trained workers to leverage the power of computers and automation simply won’t pay that well.”

All business will be in the education business, says Immelt. And believes that GE and similar firms must do more to train workers to upgrade above tasks that robots can do…” Link: Read Article


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