USA Media And The EU Dictatorship War-Mongering Against Russia

Contact Report #664, November 19, 2016 – Billy Meier asks Ptaah about the machinations of USA media and the EU dictatorship war-mongering against Russia.

Meier: Thanks. Then moreover this question: Can you please say something in regards to the lousy machinations of the West, especially the EU dictatorship, the USA and the media, who war-mongeringly agitate against Russia?

Ptaah: It is fundamentally to be explained, that the whole of the war-mongering of the EU-dictatorship, the USA and the media against Russia, have been bringing terribleness over the Earth and its humankind for years and also carry direct as well as indirect guilt for many of the armed conflicts repeatedly flaring up all over the world. What is, however, feloniously and war-mongeringly practiced against Russia – be it by lying and imputations, by sanctions, insults and calumnies, etc. –, this is actually more than Russia, i.e. its government and population are able to bear. Nevertheless, they are so rationality-bearing – contrary to the entirety of the West – that they do not rise to provocation, but keep calm and also show this outwardly into the world through their rational behavior and also through their word. The Russian government, above all Putin, as well as the entire population, want neither to bring war nor any other terribleness over the Earth and the humankind, contrary to this, however, the EU-dictatorship and the world-might obsessed USA, as well as the media dependent upon them. It is only through US-America, the EU dictatorship and the media, that immense amounts of affliction, misery, hardship, deaths and destruction have spread over the earth in the past 25 years, such as among other things the two wars against international law triggered by the USA against Iraq, the invasion, occupation and destruction of state structures. The entire world-might-greedy insanity of the USA has cost millions of human lives in the last 25 years alone. And what has been happening in the Orient since the beginning of the new millennium through the guilt of the USA was the foundation for the explosive spread of Islamist terrorism. But also the EU-dictatorship has contributed in various ways to the whole disaster, even if this is denied and has not become publicly known.

The guilt of the USA and the EU-dictatorship also includes arms deliveries to insurgents and to states, as well as the military cooperation and direct acts of war on various non-European fronts. However, another guilt of the EU-dictatorship, which has to be pointed out in particular, goes still much deeper, namely under the matriarchy of the German Chancelloress Angela Merkel, to whom the imperious and dictatorial elements of the EU-dictatorship have fallen in subservient dependence. This woman, who is pathologically craving for revenge and might-obsessed, can have carte blanche in Germany and in the EU-dictatorship, as she wishes, without a stop being put to her evil activities and without the EU-dictatorship elements becoming aware of the fact that she puts on airs as a Holocaust-revengeress and wants to destroy Germany in particular. This is also the reason for the fact that she had established the ‘welcome culture’ for refugees, through which for some time now flows of refugees from the Orient, from Africa and from Asia are invading Europe, which should lead in the view of this woman to foreign infiltration on the one hand and, on the other, to let the security-, social- and governmental-system, etc. collapse.

And these well-calculated and to be called malicious machinations are by now so far advanced that the whole thing is hardly to be stopped or not at all. Consequently, everything which has been coming about up to the present day will continue ensuing and will last, which means that also in the future refugee flows as well as Gewalt, murder and manslaughter, criminality, crimes, terror, religious-, foreigner- and racial-hatred will be washed up to Europe. The whole is, considered fundamentally, a gigantic felony that is committed to all of Europe and its peoples, and this by a woman who is absolutely incapable of governing, as well as her vassals of the EU-dictatorship who are subservient to her and fallen prey to her. And the whole is a felony that was possible only with the help of the backing by the USA, as well as by the disinformation, propaganda and agitation of much of western media. However, if everything is closely looked at and considered, then all the terrible things, which lead back to the USA and precisely show their filthy machinations, began already then, when North America was colonized by emigrants from Europe, when European authorities forcibly ‘emigrated’ sectarian groups, criminals and felonious ones, other anti-social elements as well as impoverished families etc. to America. But already in the First World War of 1756-1763, the US-American war-terror began all around the world, which has been carried into the new time, however this USA-world-terror not only still exists today, but will also be carried far into the future, if not finally a ‘multinational peace-fighting-troop’ of all terrestrial states forms, which puts a stop to the world domination greed of the USA.

It is to be said, however, that the UN-Security Council has also been working on the side of the USA since its existence, thus as of the 16th of January, 1991, began a coalition with combat operations for the liberation of Kuwait, led by the United States of America and legitimated by Resolution 678 of the UN-Security Council. The whole thing came about because, on the 2nd of August 1990, under the leadership of Saddam Hussein, Iraq began the conquest of Kuwait with Gewalt, which was called the ‘First Iraq War’ or as the ‘Second Gulf War’. Then, following the attack on the USA on September 11, 2001, it was decided by the American government under President Bush Jr., to respond to the terrorism all over the world with military means, and namely by Bush circulating the lie that Saddam Hussein had nuclear weapons, etc., which supposedly posed a threat to the USA.

So it was decided, as a second determination, to occupy, after Afghanistan, Iraq – which under Saddam Hussein was a modern and open country, in which the population was doing well despite the dictatorship, even though now and then in the country itself, due to religious hatred, some unpleasant and brutal armed conflicts occurred – , and, as usual, under the lying assertion, that Iraq was posing a threat to the security of US-America. Then on the 20th of March, 2003, the open war began against Saddam Hussein, and indeed at the end of an ultimatum by the USA lasting 90 minutes. So, at 3:30 am, rockets struck a government building in Baghdad, in which the US secret service suspected Saddam Hussein to be. And since 2011, it continues to happen, that the USA operates its dirty war business in the near East, in fact since then they have been interfering in Syria, whereby they are supplying the insurgents with weapons, etc. and are also fighting with air power and with secret ground forces – which are officially denied by the USA – against the regular troops of the felonious dictator Bashar al-Assad.

The truthly, felonious machinations with regard to the USA are publicly concealed or glorified by the lies of the world media, because the felonious offenders in politics have never been brought to account for their commands and murderous deeds as well as for their calumnies and felonies and never will be, just as neither will the criminal media. So the same felony is repeated by the USA in Syria. The warmongers and their male and female backers as well as their advocates, are always of the same nature, that is to say morally completely ausgeartet, obsessed by might, dishonest, mendacious and calumnious, imperious, selfish, egoistic, boastful and conscience-impoverishingly deteriorated.

However, as concerns the negative attitude of the West towards Russia, the Russian people and President Putin, the main reason for this lies in coward anxiety, which is founded therein on the one hand, that Russia, as a result of the western anti-propaganda against Russia, could strike back militarily against the West, on the other hand also, that by the invasion of Russia into the West, the incapable governments could be replaced by Russian powers and the Western States could be annexed. But this is utterly senseless, because Russia, and so also Putin, have no plans of this kind, because the desire of the Russian people, and thus also of Putin, is to lead a peaceful coexistence with the whole West and also to keep worldwide real peace. Russia, its entire people and President Putin are in fact peaceful minded, which conversely is the case of the West, that is to say of the USA and the EU-dictatorship, as unfortunately also of a large number of completely disinformed persons in Switzerland who are Russia-hostile and opposed to Putin, which also results from the false reporting and baiting of the corresponding media, which give their readers, listeners and viewership completely false views and pictures of the Russian President, Russia and its people.

Meier: I can follow and agree with your explanations, because all those depraved and ruling desktop criminals of the USA, the EU-dictatorship and many other states and their governments, who put felonious commands, deeds and machinations into actions, or have put e.g. through murderous secret service and military actions, are all entirely depraved creatures of the worst sort. Fundamentally they are the true guilty ones for murderous secret service and military actions, while however those who execute their commands in complicitness are no better, but also are malicious, depraved killers, who have got very badly out of the control of the good human nature, for which there is no excuse. Also, the primitive excuse that only commands would be carried out, can never be an excuse, because every human being who is normal in his/her consciousness, can himself/herself think and decide, whether he/she wants to carry out an order or not. It is thus also the case, that if all human beings – including the military – simply equally and in solidarity refused to accept warlike, murderous and destructive orders, then the first opportunity to wage wars could never be taken. And because, I had already seen the whole thing, regarding this, in such a way in my youth, I had joined the ‘Foreign Legion’ in France, in Strassbourg, in order to experience and to live myself what the military actually is; but when I then had experienced and lived enough, I escaped, which is why I was pursued by the henchmen to the border of Morocco, but fortunately got away.

Asket indeed wanted to stop me from this entire adventure, but she then had consented to it, because I could make it plausible to her that I had to make the necessary experience for myself. So she then agreed after all, however insisted thereupon, that she would rush to my aid if I called her, which, in fact, I never did then, because I wanted to stand on my own two feet. The whole adventure was also the reason why I refused military service in Switzerland. Well, unfortunately, it is so that human beings do not dare to resist government-based military directions and commands, just because they do not have the courage to do so on the one hand, and because they are afraid of punishment on the other. Fact is, however, that they who issue or carry out murderous and destructive commands, are all equally guilty, whether they are commanders or offenders, because they all take part in the felonies which are done to human beings in many countries. This also applies to the media, which, with their sensationalist presentations in the sense of those in government and the uppermost military, the secret services and the religions and sects, willingly, profit-greedily and irresponsibly help to promote their propaganda for murder, destruction and delusional belief.

And of those media which are involved therein, it also concerns those that are entirely corrupt and dependent on the corresponding governments, might-holders and secret services, and are also involved in the entirety of the scribblings of the state’s false information, lies, and calumnies. And these media are also those which defame all free and independent media and those

human beings who are fact-oriented and knowing ones with regard to certain political, military and economic as well as religious and sectarian machinations, and deny their clearly and explicitly presented effective facts, impose lies and calumnies on them and insult them as conspiracy theories. And this is completely done by all public and also ignorant private or organization-related media, which take part in the perverted machinations of those governments, military, religions and sects, upon which they are dependent and partial to in a corrupt wise. These include, as a rule – with only a few exceptions – all large and small media, whose top-level management subserviently goes along with those politicians, rulers, military, religions and sects, etc., because they are dependent on them, incapable and moreover, too cowardly, as well as greedy for profit, to stand on their own feet in an upright and honest wise. That is why they insult good independent journalists, honest and upright politicians, military men and women and all sorts of others, who consistently report the truth in free and independent media, as conspiracy theorists, as they also attack their disclosures as a conjuration, i.e. as a plot, conspiracy and lies. With this, a primitive-vile and dirty way is trodden to suggestively coercively form the wrong view and opinion of the readership, viewership and listeners, that the truthful factual reports of the good and clean journalists and other writers, who work for free and open-minded truthful media, would publicize only conspiracy theories.

These state-dependent, corrupt media publish government-friendly mendacious ‘factual reports’, while other so-called ‘free media’ are levered out and banned if the real truth is spread by them, as is currently happening particularly blatantly in Turkey, because the autocratic dictator, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, thwarts everyone and everything that brings the truth to light. Mendacious false reports by governments and media correspond to an information-felony against their readership, who are guided into the unreal and truthly deceived. This applies in particular to certain journalists to whom the truth means nothing, which is why they do not care that they can be bought, that they are dishonest, only profit-concerned and looking for sensation. All those responsible for such deliberate false information – whether by the media, the corrupt rulers or their spokespersons – do not care about the truth, therefore also not about the fact that the effective truth does not reach the people. Truthly, those responsible ones are completely irresponsible ones, who are such miserable figures, that they have to run away from their own horrible stench deep into the hottest desert, such that neither a human being nor any other living creature ought inhale the stinky fug.

In truth, they do not care for the truth, but only the profit and their might, thus they consciencelessly shrug off all that which is true, boozing champagne and wine, gobbling caviar and salmon, etc., awarding themselves a prize or letting it be awarded, if they, namely the rulers and the media, deliberately ridiculingly lie to the public, i.e. the people, presenting self-invented ‘factual reports’ and especially falsified and contrived ‘factual pictures’. But there are

also those journalists of media who interview any human being, in order to then badmouth them with lies and calumnies, to falsely accuse them, disparage them, twist their statements beyond recognition, ridicule them and even make them appear as a scapegoat. Regarding this, I have been gaining enough experience, already from my youth up to the present day, to be able to assess and to know how everything is simultaneously spread on all channels of the mainstream media in terms of lies and calumnies as well as of falseness, wrongly interpreted things and mendacious ‘factual reports’, in order to lie to and to deceive the readership.

Ptaah: Unfortunately, all that we have just said and explained will not bring much benefit to the majority of the humankind of Earth, because only those out of this multitude will bethink themselves, who search for the truth and then follow it, who follow their rationality and understand to assess everything impartially in a neutral wise. All the others let themselves be influenced and guided very gladly and willingly by the lying-media. …


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