Russia Builds Where US Destroyed

(BATTLEFORWORLD: The September 11, 2001 terrorist attack in America gave motion to the Terror War using radical Islam ideology to spread war chaos all over the planet. The Terror War is being used to buy time by destroying as much as possible, as hinted by the former U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to the then Iraqi Minister Hazim Al-Shaalan. Where she said that much of everything has to be destroyed to start anew, because within the current financial system they have manipulated economies and politics beyond repair under the old financial system.)

SPUTNIKNEWS – March 15, 2017: Referring to ongoing peace talks on Syria co-sponsored by Russia, President Vladimir Putin said the negotiations marked the beginning of “rebuilding” this war-torn country, as well as other conflict zones in the Middle East region.

“It is the first time that the conflicting parties have come to the negotiating table,” said Putin, adding that there are “cautious grounds for optimism of achieving a full-fledged political settlement.”

It is notable that progress towards a peaceful resolution of the six-year war in Syria has been made in the absence of the United States and its European allies, Britain and France.

And, as Putin alluded to, the process of rebuilding Syria applies to the wider Middle East region, which has been ravaged by war, terrorism and sectarian bloodletting particularly over the past two decades.

It is Russia, under Putin’s leadership, which can take credit for this constructive path out of war. Whereas it is the US and its allies who are responsible for laying the region to waste and devastation from their criminal wars and regime-change plots.

American political commentator Randy Martin, who writes at, says a fundamental difference is because Russia is a defensive military power, while the US and its NATO partners are aggressors.

He writes: “From a physical geographic point of view, Russia is a neighbor to the Middle East region. But when you think about it, what reasonable purpose has the United States got to be meddling in the region? The US is, and always has been, only involved in the Middle East to exploit its vast oil resources. That goes too for the European former colonial states, Britain and France.”

The commentator added: “The only way that the US can sustain its presence in the Middle East is by exerting military force on others. In other words, to act as an aggressor, albeit under the cynical guise of being a protector.”

This contrasts with Russia’s policy, says Martin. “Russia has a genuine and mutual stake in peaceful development for the region. It uses its military power to stamp out conflict spreading so that the region can stabilize in coexistence.”

Syria is a classic example of this contrasting conduct between Russia and the US. Washington exploited Syria for a regime-change scheme, inciting war and sponsoring proxy militant groups to overthrow the government of President Bashar al Assad. That war, which ignited in March 2011 due to foreign interference, spread its flames to neighboring countries – until Russia intervened militarily at the end of 2015.

This is in stark contrast to the United States’ record in the Middle East. “Everywhere that the US has been involved in is marked by war, devastation and failure,” says Randy Martin.

This drive by the US to destroy large swathes of the Middle East seems indeed to have been partly about ensuring that countries would be turned into failed states and American vassals. It is significant that most of the targeted countries were historically allied to Russia.

Russia has evidently emerged as the main player in the Middle East because of its political integrity. Moscow wants to create a region that is multilateral, mutual and peaceful. This is the complete opposite of how Washington and the Europeans operate. Link: Read Complete Article


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