How To Save CNN From Itself

NYTIMES – January 26, 2017: But from CNN’s viewpoint, a pundits-on-panels model offers several benefits, because the model is cost effective. On-the-ground reporting requires expensive crews, satellite trucks, travel, etc. With far less effort, news executives can present polarized, high-drama debates that spike viewers’ outrage and short-term ratings, is the justification. Most of that recent drama was centered on Donald J. Trump, who, during the early months of the campaign, got coverage from CNN that outpaced that of the other 16 Republican contenders.

A reporter commented that in her 15 years of TV reporting, seven of them at CNN, almost every time she visited a newsroom, an office on Capitol Hill or an official in the White House, CNN was on, and that this hasn’t changed. The network still has an outsize impact on the world of politics and media, perhaps one reason President Trump has singled out CNN in his attacks on the press.

Thanks to CNN’s innovative technology, seasoned journalists and global reach, it can again be the world’s most trusted TV news brand. But only if the coming years are different than the last. Link: Read Complete Article


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