Governments, Militaries And Secret Services Control UFO-Alien Information

Written by DAH

(A conglomerate group consisting of governments, militaries and secret services [of the United States, England and Israel, and the government of the Vatican City State,] are the ones controlling and disseminating scripted information to the public regarding fear about extraterrestrials, UFOs, alien abductions, human and cattle mutilations, crop-circles, etc.)

BATTLE FOR WORLD – January 27, 2017: After the start of the First World War in 1915, President Woodrow Wilson (1913-1921) of the United States ordered a nondisclosure policy concerning extraterrestrial flying objects and implemented measures giving himself cover about what he had written.

The consequences of the secret edict also brought inline US Presidents Warren G. Harding (1921-1923), Calvin Coolidge (1923-1929), Herbert Hoover (1929-1933) and Franklin D. Roosevelt (1933-1945), whereby especially Roosevelt became a very influential instigator, putting forth a possible solution. He believed that fear of extraterrestrial conquerors should be incited to panic the public, and indeed using deceitful machinations together with the secret service, through which book authors would be influenced and threatened with death in order to start an extremely effective horror scenario agenda to unfold on the Earth.

After the First World War, authorities as well as their militaries and secret services, observed over the battlefields of Europe UFOs whose sightings were kept secret. And authorities from the highest governmental levels by the First and Second World Wars had firmly established that UFOs were of extraterrestrial origin and secrecy should be maintained.

The nondisclosure policy continued with President Harry Truman (1945-1953) after he was dragged into the conspiracy, cooperating with United States secret authorities regarding UFO crash sites and was an actual observer of an UFO. (Editor: And there is no truth about the US President Dwight D. Eisenhower [1953-1961] meeting secretly with extraterrestrials and agreeing to treaties.)

The United States at the time thought that UFOs dealt with some new type of enemy aircraft coming from the Soviet Union.

Josef W. Stalin (1922-1952) of the Soviet Union was also an observer of UFOs. Despite the concern from his party that the new flying machines were probably American, he became quickly convinced that it dealt with intelligence foreign to the Earth.

America became the leader country who had early proof about the existence of extraterrestrial flying objects before the Roswell UFO crash in 1947. And these early extraterrestrial evidence included flying devices, decomposed corpses, etc. and the workers who participated in the recoveries were “erased” or forced into silence under serious threats.

The more sightings observed as the New Age (the year 1844) dawns, the more secretively the subject became, because the arrival of extraterrestrials and the enslavement of the terrestrial inhabitants by invaders from outer space was very much feared by the American government and its military as well as the secret service.

And so it was decided that the population should be left in ignorance about the truth regarding the existence of extraterrestrials. However, fear must be developed within the population against extraterrestrials, from which a far-reaching hate and defensive rage steered by hate should result and develop against the alien invaders.

The US president in concert with leading officers of the military, the secret service, etc. came up with a psychologically sophisticated idea to produce a horror scenario concerning extraterrestrial matters and to promote it in such a way that not only America would be seized by the psychological drama, but also great parts of the rest of the world.

The nondisclosure policy demanded that a scenario should be created in such a way to bring about the breakout of fear and panic regarding invading extraterrestrials, where after the reaction should then spread worldwide and exaggerated to be officially recognized, without the public ever knowing that it only dealt with fiction and the coming together of a (fake) utopian world order; a conspiracy against the people of Earth.

Whereby they hoped that the psychological trick would establish moderate fear and later greater fear and then finally expanding into panic and hate, always spreading out farther and further from sensationalism and hype. And according to the ones who created and promoted the nondisclosure policy secretly, it is exactly anger and terror that is necessary to incite the population against extraterrestrials, and to prevent the population from coming into contact with extraterrestrials if the opportunity should present itself.

From this deceitful and thoroughly created psychological machination coming from the highest governmental authorities as well as the military and the secret service, that if anyone of the people should come in contact with extraterrestrials if the opportunity presents itself, that person’s experience should be “denied” among the general public. This is because the “responsible ones” behind the nondisclosure policy were fearful of peaceful extraterrestrial official initiative contact or unofficial landing, which they consider an invasion into Earth’s existing culture, fearing that they would lose control of the population already under manipulation.

And the official or unofficial appearance of extraterrestrials on the Earth was not compatible with religious philosophies, and since 1915, Pope Benedict XV (1914-1922) as well as Pius XI (1922-1939) and Pius XII (1939-1958), were all drawn into the entire conspiracy. As well as certain vocal and influential Jewish dignitaries in America who joined the plot.

Pope Pius XII, influential rabbis and several others briefed about the threat of aliens.

The nondisclosure policy demands that the secret of the mission is to create a horror scenario that would agitate the population on one hand, but that they should be left in ignorance regarding the truth about the existence of extraterrestrials, who have already maneuvered into the terrestrial air space and also landed occasionally on the Earth, because this was already established through secure sources of the government, military and the secret service. And that the thoughts of fear and hate against the extraterrestrials, strangers from other worlds, must be allowed to grow among the Earth population.

The cruel and shameful deception itself was simple: the plan advised that a radio broadcast should be transmitted that was sensational enough, spreading fear and terror about extraterrestrials, and should also extend as far as possible into worldwide audiences.

The plan was put into motion using American secret service agents, as well as superiors from the service’s positions of duty, including the government and military, and also suitable authors and their works were explored which could be exploited and used for the deceitful and dishonest plot.

The plot became active when the US President Franklin D. Roosevelt (1933-1945) personally sought out the science-fiction work of the Englishman Herbert George Wells the author of the book “The War of the Worlds”.

The American secret service agents then made contact with Wells and pleaded with him to adapt his work into a radio play and also threatened him about the importance of secrecy. But Wells did not feel comfortable taking the role and suggested the young American author Orson Welles as a more suitable candidate to the secret service agents.

H. G. Wells was sworn to lifelong silence under the threat of death. The secret service agents in America then approached the young Orson Welles and coerced him to modify the work of H. G. Wells, “The War of the Worlds”, into a realistic narrative of horror-sensation for radio play. The science-fiction novel Wells wrote in 1897 and then published in 1898, the narrative was redone in America for radio broadcast with the hopes that once the release went public, it would create wild panic and fear, and hate against extraterrestrials.

The story plot describes extraterrestrials as monstrous and destructive lifeforms, who have landed on the Earth, causing fear and annihilation, and as a result of panic breaking out, a quite number of dead resulted. And this was exactly the narrative that the “responsible ones” in governments, militaries and the secret services wanted to exploit against the public.

The desired goal was achieved with the broadcast of the radio play “The War of the Worlds”, because it stirred up fear and hate against the extraterrestrials from how they looked and behave. And this plot has remained so even today and is promoted worldwide in movies and television shows. Because fear and hate must always be stirred up and the American secret service powers, etc., are extremely proficient and cleaver at doing exactly that. And their mission continues, because the determined government and military powers give financial support to produce negative films against extraterrestrials, and do not shy away from simulating all types of horror-events, for example, the abductions of Earth humans by extraterrestrials, as well as human and animal mutilations and so forth. And they are also active in matters relating to the creation of crop-circles in various countries.

Naturally, charlatans, deceivers and swindlers from among the population independent of the “responsible ones” in the secret service do prank the public for laughs and sometimes profit. But the secret service machinations are indeed the worst and most well planned, however, it is precisely through the work of the “responsible ones” that disinformation is established in media for the public, for the actual genuine events concerning UFOs and extraterrestrials to be ridiculed and made laughable.

The outcome of the radio play “The War of the Worlds” by Orson Welles was successful, but the government, military and secret service responsible were left with a problem, and was ready to bring witnesses who spoke, to silence using death threats or by erasing them through an elimination process or using a consciousness-stupefying brain wash and psycho-terror and so forth.

And before his death on August 13, 1946, Herbert George Wells was also aware of that, as did Orson Welles who died on October 10, 1985. And both men made sure that when they died, no evidence about the actual planning regarding the radio play was left behind, because they were in fear that their families, friends and acquaintances after their death would be revengefully persecuted by the secret service people and the “responsible ones” of the government and military.

And “Billy Meier” was told about this secret nondisclosure pact by the Plejarens, who explained everything to him, to better understand the reason behind the behavior of the “responsible ones” about matters concerning UFOs and extraterrestrials when discussed among the population and in media.

The dishonest plotting by the government, military and secret service people regarding the demonizing of extraterrestrials have only increased since 1938 – indeed, slowly and successively, continuously expanding, until the 1980s where all the greatest machinations began, and were implemented to bring about torment and malicious harassing plots about extraterrestrial enemies and UFOs through the deceitful conduct of the secret service.

Many stories came about regarding horrifying human and animal mutilations, the abduction of human babies and the impregnation of terrestrial women by extraterrestrial visitors from outer space. Also, horror stories were reported about underground laboratories and the inhuman experiments taking place there. As if the fear about extraterrestrials weren’t enough, the “responsible ones” spread stories that women were being impregnated by aliens and after some months the babies growing in their wombs were removed and taken, to finally finish their development in fluid-filled incubators, etc., and that this was being done in order to breed up a new humanity, etc. using these hybrid children.

Other stories by the “responsible ones” claimed that the Earth humans are being abducted in order to take their genetic material necessary for the extraterrestrials to further the breeding of humans. And that human beings are also serving as nourishment providers, because the evil Grey aliens from the depths of outer space supposedly nourishes themselves on human blood.

Similarly, the animal mutilation occurrences in America where the related far-fetched stories by others are claiming that beef blood has an almost genetic relationship to human blood, whereby the mutilated cattle would have their blood sucked out by the evil Grey aliens and stored in blood banks for emergency use.

And so continues the allegations, defamation and lies, to be clearly seen as foolishness through which the Earth humans are led astray into wrong thinking, shifted into fear and terror, have been very successful, releasing mass hysteria worldwide by groups of certain Earth humans, further causing feelings of hate, etc.

And the involvement of the “responsible ones” in government, military and the secret service, spreading lies next to nonsense and absurdity, that is out of reality with rational human understanding of everything.


And the renowned and experienced UFO researchers from the Magazine 2000, Issue No. 6, Oct-Nov 1996, Michael Hesemann and Ingrid Schlotterbeck wrote the following:

The assertion by the ex-Marine officer William Cooper, claiming that the US Government had made an agreement with evil extraterrestrials for space technology in exchange for humans and land. (Editor: His claims about the United States making agreements with extraterrestrials are not true.)

And that at the start of the 1970s they (the US Government, Military and Secret Service) started to understand just how devilish the “visitors” were – and that Ronald Reagan should call for the building of a “Star Wars” defense system, to protect the Earth and its inhabitants from sinister extraterrestrials. A clear message was behind this statement, because it gives the impression that the military of Earth was to become powerfully armed to defy the evil aliens. So the arms race that began towards the end of the Cold War still made sense and had its purpose … and even this very message was conveyed in the alien apocalypse movie called Independence Day, a box office hit which grossed over $817.4 million dollars worldwide, produced by the German film director and screenwriter Roland Emmerich.

The movie concerns itself naturally with the rescue by the best of all likely country, the United States of America, which is threatened by the evil space aliens. But all these horror scenarios have absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with reality. And from this, one can almost attempts to establish an AADL, an “Alien Anti-Defamation League”.

In all the history of UFO research, there has not been one authentic (that means thoroughly investigated and determined to be genuine) case that points to an aggressive behavior or hostile intentions of extraterrestrials, but often the most frequent claim is that: Yes, the “abductions” are perceived as traumatic by many “victims”. And the entire situation is seen as frightening, bringing about fear of the unknown, and their medical procedures are sometimes painful (but so are also some medical examinations done on the Earth). And the complete lack of emotions by the “alien visitor” and the feeling of being helpless when abducted and the very strangeness of the visitors are often interpreted as being “unkind”, inciting fear.

We do not know why the “abductions” take place, whether it is out of scientific curiosity or, as many “victims” would say, it is being done in order to establish a “data bank” about the humanity of Earth just in case they destroy themselves. And some “abductees” speculate that they might have made an unconscious agreement or was “called to duty” in a previous life. Clearly, the “abductors” are therefore in no way “negative”.

Some airplanes have crashed while chasing UFOs, but there are various reasons for that. In one case, a pilot chased a UFO for so long that his jet ran out of fuel. In another case, a pilot attained too great an altitude chasing a UFO and loss consciousness. And there are cases where the jet fighter pilot is commanded to intercept the UFO and “order to fire”, but its automatic weapon system malfunctioned and failed to carryout the order. And there was a report about warheads on missiles that were already-defused and exploded while the missiles were still attached to the jet and the pilot-aggressor was killed by his own weapons and not by the “visitor”.

In Brazil there was a case in which a farmer shot his gun at a UFO that landed and was struck by a ray which paralyzed him for one hour, after which he was subsequently recovered and moved about normally. And there are cases where humans have come very close to UFO crafts, suffering radiation damage, but these cases are classified as accidents.

Also, terrestrial military forces have fired on UFO’s when the opportunity presents itself, and in some cases even shot them down.

And in these events there never was an “act of retaliation”, as is often done on the Earth.

And the “horrifying” descriptions of extraterrestrials by alleged UFO witnesses, compared this with reports of strange Earth creatures or even our fellow human beings.

And take a brief look back in history when the Europeans landed in the Americas, and their behavior towards the technologically inferior Indians? And how many Africans did we drag off into lifelong slavery? And weren’t the death factory of Auschwitz a German invention? And during the Bosnian wars, didn’t the ethnic groups mutually massacre their own next-door neighbors? And what about the tribal feud in Rwanda that lead to blood baths? Also, remember the acts of horrors in the Soviet gulag and in Red China. (Editor: And today the ongoing terror wars continue – the breakup of Yugoslavia, the relentless wars in the Middle East [Iraq, Syria, Palestine, Afghanistan, etc.], Eastern Europe [Ukraine, Georgia, etc.] by the West.)

And who dear to say that the extraterrestrials are responsible? It is the extraterrestrial nondisclosure plot by our government, military and secret service that as been the animating mechanism behind the alien panic. We have become obsessive, measuring the aliens with our rulers, projecting our behavior patterns onto them and blaming them. We fear that they will treat us in precisely the same way that we have treated the technologically inferior Earth peoples and other human beings.

Our preoccupation regarding alien thinking have become our projection screen, our mirror image. If the extraterrestrials had wanted to rule the Earth they would have done so long ago and not wait around for us to improve our defense systems.

The truth is, we are the aggressors, the ones greeting the friendly visitors with jet-interceptors and xenophobia (the fear of strangers or foreigners), producing and promoting exo-racist propaganda movies, for example “Independence Day” so that the “responsible ones” can impart their nondisclosure plot of fear and panic upon the Earth people. (Billy Meier: The question remains, those continuing the demonizing efforts against extraterrestrials, whether these machinations by the American government, military and secret service-type will further continue in the direction of the “War of the Worlds” by Orson Welles, in order to stir up new fear, but this time worldwide, promoting anger, panic and hate regarding visitors from foreign worlds.)

And the extraterrestrials (the Plejarens) have relay messages of concern about our behavior, that we do not destroy our unique home planet Earth.

According to the ethical measures of Buddhism, the Bodhisattva teachings still applies today. A Bodhisattva is one who has long achieved enlightenment (an elevated understanding of things), and through the cycle of perishing and rising reincarnates until the last living being is redeemed. One recognizes two qualities in him: wisdom and empathy, and thereby, that he lives “ahimsa”, non-violence.

That means that he has renounced the practice of retaliation.


(Editor: And all the “disclosure” excitement being promoted by prominent ones regarding the government, military and secret service releasing extraterrestrial information to the public, should not be taken seriously, because the “nondisclosure policy” is there for a reason to give the “responsible ones” cover as they manipulate the public.

And the latest extraterrestrial lie is about “aliens in Antarctica”, who are in pods, and are now waking up from their stasis sleep to be introduced to the leaders of Earth’s government and the population. [Questions & Answers with Billy Meier: 6. Are there ET artefacts, or an old Nazi base in Antarctica? BEAM: There are no ET artefacts in Antarctica, as well as no old NAZI-bases – apart from an old and extremely insignificant, small building that served for Arctic research.]

And when Hollywood releases anti-extraterrestrial movies and television series about UFOs and aliens, skeptics and believers alike are contributing financially through movie ticket sales, video sales, product advertisements, etc. to this powerful conglomerate group that is very influential, well-funded and interconnected with governmental organizations worldwide.)

[ This article was written from the original article by Billy Meier published in the FIGU Contact Report literature. The original German article was translated into English, but the translation was not fluid. The author DAH later rewrote the translation with some clarity and added images. The original English translation can be read here: Contact Report #257 and also download the free PDF book Silent Revolution Of Truth Compilation Edition ]

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