West Declares Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) A Country

RT – April 3, 2015 – “In his article, published Tuesday, Cantlie notes that Western governments appear to have reached the “grudging” conclusion that the IS is unlike any other terror group. The photojournalist went on to claim that the Islamic State is a ‘country’ with all the characteristics of an operational state – a police force, schools, a fully functioning court system, and even its own currency. “At some stage, you’re going to have to face the Islamic State as a country, and even consider a truce,” Cantlie said, addressing Western leaders. “If there’s no military-only solution to the Islamic State … at some point the only option will be an offer of a truce. And that’s going to take some swallowing of pride,” he said. The photojournalist went on to argue the alternative would be bloody, chaotic and destructive. He suggested Western leaders would need to “launch airstrikes in half-a-dozen countries at once” and effectively “destroy half the region” if they hope to defeat the IS. “But with the black flag of the Caliphate now seen on the skylines of Africa, Arabia, and Asia, a complete departure in how the West addresses this State is needed,” he said. Previously, Cantlie argued the West’s strategy against IS militants is futile and called upon the US administration to reevaluate how it approaches the terror group. In the fifth issue of Dabiq, Cantlie likened Western leaders to mechanical robots “stuck in a loop.”” Link: Read Complete Article

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[ CIA Director Admits: US Foreign Policy Causes Terrorism ]


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