U.S. Pending Atomic Bomb For Russia

ITAR-TASS – March 6, 2015: “A possible decision to disconnect Russia from international financial message system SWIFT can be compared to an “atomic weapon,” Polish Foreign Minister Grzegorz Schetyna said on Friday. “If we speak about sanctions, this is an atomic weapon, an extreme measure. There is still a long list of sanctions that can be used before that. But it should be borne in mind that this weapon acts in both ways and can strike against all of us,” the Polish foreign minister said at a joint press conference with UK Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond in Warsaw. The Polish foreign minister’s statement came in reply to a question at the end of the press conference, when journalists asked about how much time Schetyna and Hammond had paid in their discussion to the issue of Russia’s exclusion from the SWIFT international banking system and about the tone of their discussion. The head of the UK diplomacy was the first to answer the question but made no vivid comparisons. Hammond said Russia’s possible disconnection from the SWIFT bank messaging system was an extreme step that would affect the Russian economy. He added, however, this step would have its impact on both sides. None of the journalists present at the press conference asked the Polish foreign minister and his UK counterpart to specify the statement about the “atomic weapon.”” Link: Read Complete Article


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