United States Debt, The Pending Rupture

US Debt Greatest Threat

BATTLE FOR WORLD / CNBC – January 27, 2019: The article highlights comments by Howard Schultz, who’s planning to run as an Independent for president of the United States.

According to Schultz: “I think the greatest threat domestically to the country is this $21 trillion debt hanging over the cloud of America and future generations.”

And added that “systemic problems in the country,” including mental health and opioid crises, racial tensions and income inequality, are at levels “the likes of which we have not had in a long time.”

His concern is the ballooning national debt which could be hugely consequential to future generations — especially when coupled with rising interest rates.

He continues: “I will say that it concerns me that so many voices within the Democratic Party are going so far to the left, and I ask myself how are we going to pay for all these things in terms of things like single payer [health care].”

(BattleForWorld: Howard Schultz like all the previous presidential candidates give suggestions about how they would fix this problem and that problem, but this is just the scamming wheel turning again, to have the people vote them into the White House and then later most of their promises to the people are forgotten and most of what the people will hear in media are geopolitical and surveillance things.

Mr. Schultz should tell the people why increasing the debt is so important to the United States and that there’s very little that can be done to fix it, because a huge part of the debt is linked to military adventurism, world domination, secret projects, etc. And he will, like Trump and those before him, back track on many promises to voters.

The presidents of the United States have to first fulfill the wishes of the Ruling Elites.  And their aim is to dominate the world and cull the population and so why should money be wasted on the population is their thinking. Money is provided for things important to the elites in the shadows who want to dominate the Earth.)

Schultz also cautioned that the current levels of growth in the stock market should not be viewed as a barometer for the health of the entire economy. And said: “I don’t believe that the stock market is going to continue to grow at the level it has between now and 2020.”

(BattleForWorld: Yes, and thanks for the warning, and I hope you are aware that the stock market is being abused to scam money in all directions. And the stock market will continue to panic until all the rise and fall and rise gain…schemes are used up into which a recovery of the current financial system is no longer possible and will go into collapse. The real economy ended when the US unhooked itself from the gold standard…with the issuance of credit cards, etc.)


DAVOS – The gathering of the globalists waning

BATTLE FOR WORLD / RT – January 27, 2019: The video highlights comments regarding DAVOS by Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert.

Davos…ended and who did not attend include the US President Donald Trump, Emmanuel Macron of France, Theresa May the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, because there’s domestic uprising in all of those places and domestic chaos. Their governments in problems: The United States government shutdown; Macron is facing the end of his government; and May is facing the end of Britain as we know it.

All this is playing into the big theme of de-dollarization and de-globalization, and Davos is a huge organization for globalization. All the big globalizers, they go to DAVOS and talk about their globalist agenda. But because we are in a de-globalization and de-dollarization era, naturally these folks don’t go to DAVOS because it has outlived its purpose.

(BattleForWorld: This is an admission that the said countries are aware that the financial collapse and shift is well on the way against what was pushing ahead around the world in chaos form called globalization.)

The prediction is that come 2020 there will be a no Davos held; not as we know it, perhaps it maybe occupied by the Gilets Jaunes (Jelay Jun) in France, the Indignados in Spain and the Deplorables in the United States. (BattleForWorld: Implying that Davos might take on a social face of healing the planet.) Davos will be for hasbeens and jerks in its current form. We are heading into the Twilight of the Elites – the end of their days.

The scam by the globalists is to manage social movements and protests endorsing them using celebrities, actors, the media and the intellectuals, but none of them approve of the Gilets Jaunes (referring to the French protesters protesting social inequalities, etc.).

The elites do not understand the cultural divide because they are so cozy away from the people. And the closest they will get to the people is by using celebrities, actors, the media and the intellectuals.

The globalists use the United Nations to push their geopolitical agenda for the people to accept relentless wars, etc. and use celebrities…to push their social justice warrior movement. These acts are referred to in code as “virtue signalling”. Where the use of prestige is given a moral face to push social causes or elevate standing, but behind it hides deception – some type of scam.


U.S. Treasury to borrow $1 trillion for second year to finance debt 

BATTLE FOR WORLD / BLOOMBERG – January 28, 2019: In the normal scheme of things for the United States to maintain…all of its war activities throughout the world it has increased yet again the U.S. debt.

The Bloomberg article highlights that the U.S. Treasury Department is set to maintain elevated sales of long-term debt to finance the government’s widening budget deficit, with new issuance projected to top $1 trillion for a second-straight year.

Strategists are predicting that this Wednesday’s (January 30) quarterly refunding announcement will see the Treasury maintain note and bond sales at the record high levels, boosted in recent months.

The heightened supply of Treasury securities follows tax cuts and government spending increases implemented under the current administration is darkening the fiscal outlook already made worrisome by rising entitlement-program expenses and higher costs to service America’s nearly $16 trillion in debt.

“Net borrowing needs will continue to increase due to the expected increase in the deficit combined with funding needs coming from the Fed’s debt run off,” said Margaret Kerins, global head of fixed-income strategy at BMO Capital Markets Corp.

(BattleForWorld: It appears that they are going to squeeze the funding mechanism dry after which all will collapse.)


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