Governments Don’t Rule The World. Goldman Sachs Rule The World. The Coming Economic Crisis

RT – August 14, 2018 (posted September 28, 2011): Alessio Rastani, an independent trader, had an eye opening interview with BBC where he stated Goldman Sachs and not governments rule the world. He went on to say that he dreams of economies going into recession. Rastani has taken a lot of heat from the media, claiming that he is a phony. Kristine Frazao investigates to see if Rastani’s statement has any credibility.

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Goldman Sachs rules the world – Trader Interview BBC

MSNOWORLD ORDER – August 14, 2018 (posted September 28, 2011): The BBC presenters were speechless when an independent trader admitted that stock market crashes are planned and that Goldman Sachs controls the banking world.


Alessio Rastani on why Goldman Sachs Rules The World

LONDON REEL – August 14, 2018 (posted April 30, 2013): Alessio Rastani on Goldman Sachs Rules The World. Stock trader Alessio Rastani talks about the comments he made while live on BBC News.


The Truth About The “Bankers Bonus” (How You’re Getting Screwed By Banks)

ALESSIO RASTANI – August 14, 2018 (posted March 3, 2013): Debate on Al Jazeera as to whether it is right to cap the bonus for bankers. Guests include Perer Schiff, Brigitte Andersen and Alessio “Goldman Sachs Rules The World” Rastani.


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