Liberal Enclaves Embrace Noncitizen Voting: ‘I Think This Is Another Good Step Forward’

WASHINGTON TIMES – July 27, 2018: The article highlights – forget the Russian government [meddling] – foreign nationals are increasingly gaining the ability to influence American elections more directly. They’re being granted the right to vote.

(BattleForWorld: According to some, the next wave among liberals is to one day allow noncitizens to vote. This possibility is very real, and I will make a prediction. If President Trump wins a second term in the White House, in the next presidential election in the year 2024, noncitizens in the United States will be allowed to vote. And that election is going to be juicy, mesmerizing, shocking, etc. and at the same time refreshing to see females as presidential nominees by both parties! And the Republican conservatives I foresee toning down their rhetoric to embrace their future female presidential nominee [and those who refuse to approve will stop voting Republican period].)

From Boston, where the city council is debating the move, to San Francisco, where noncitizens gained the right earlier this month in school-board elections, jurisdictions are looking to expand the boundaries of the electorate beyond its citizens.

Causing several Republicans fired back this week, one being:

Rep. Jeff Duncan of South Carolina announced a bill that would strip federal funding from states or localities that allow noncitizens to vote in their elections.

“Allowing noncitizens to water down the voice of American citizens at the voting booth disrespects their sacrifice and the value of American citizenship,” Mr. Duncan said in announcing the legislation. “Now more than ever, it is critical that we ensure only American citizens are casting ballots in this country.”

And Stanley Renshon, a political science professor at the City University of New York Graduate Center, said the push for noncitizen voting comes and goes — though he said the places that are experimenting with it do tend to be liberal bastions.

And Mayor Ethan Strimling of Portland said “The outcry of support for the immigrant community in this city has been remarkable under the Trump administration,” he told the Press Herald newspaper. “It’s so heartening, and I think this is another good step forward.”

J. Christian Adams, a former Justice Department official who now runs the Public Interest Legal Foundation, called noncitizen voting “the next wave of crazy the Left is bringing to undermine our elections.”


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