British Scientists Create Artificial Embryo From Stem Cells

THE IRISH NEWS – July 24, 2018: The article highlights that Artificial embryos built from scratch using stem cells have been created by British scientists.

Researchers bypassed the act of fertilisation by growing the self-assembling structures in the laboratory.

Although the cells used came from mice, the experiment has opened up a new frontier in embryo research with major ethical implications.

Creating embryos in the lab is expected to help scientists unlock the mysteries of early human development. And one expert said any artificial embryos made from human stem cells would have to be the subject of an “ethical discussion”.


Artificial Embryo: It’s Possible ‘We May Do This in Humans’ – Scientist

SPUTNIK NEWS  – July 26, 2018: The article highlights that an international team of scientists have created an artificial mouse embryo from stem cells. In a study published in the Nature Cell Biology journal on Monday, the team revealed that they used cells from mice to develop an embryo-like structure without the act of fertilization.

Christophe Galichet, a senior research scientist at the UK’s Francis Crick Institute discussed with Sputnik about the findings.

Sputnik: So how big of a step is this development? And how different is it from previous attempts?

Christophe Galichet: It’s quite a big step, it’s still at an early stage actually. The big step is that for the first time the embryo could pass a very important, a very crucial stage in the life of an embryo, which is gastrulation: the formation of the three layers that will form the embryo later on, and the fetus, so it is just a step where this study could put together the three stem cells. That is very important for the proper development of an embryo, which are the embryonic stem cells, the stem cell that would give rise to the embryo proper, and the two other stem cells, one giving rise to the placenta and one giving rise to the yolk sac, so very important advances in development ability.

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