Russian Academician Calls For Global Precautions Against Dangerous Asteroids

TASS – July 7, 2018: The article highlights that protection from asteroids should be a task of a global scale, researchers say.

Precautions against the asteroids and meteorites bearing potential threat to the Earth should require solutions on a global scale, Dr. Radiy Ilkayev, the honorary chief research supervisor at the All-Russia Scientific Research Institute of Experimental Physics [VNIIEF, reporting to the state atomic energy corporation Rosatom – TASS] told TASS on Thursday (July 5).

“Protection from asteroids should be a task of a global scale and the efforts to resolve it should embrace, in the first place, the countries with expansive capabilities in research and technologies,” Dr. Ilkayev said. “You need a very high level of technologies even if you want just to trace an asteroid.”

“More than that, you have to calculate its trajectory and to evaluate the risks it poses to the Earth,” he said. “If it does pose risk, then you’ll have to tap the ways to rebuff them.”

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