Dangerous For US Experts To Appear Sympathetic To Russia. Maybe A Climatic Disaster Will Bring Both Together

RT – June 19, 2018:  Robert English, former policy analyst at the US Defense Department, welcome to the show. It’s really great to have you with us.

SS: Let’s hope, there’s still some hope there because people like you come here and then they go back and say what they’ve really seen and what’s happening in Russia. I still believe that it helps, little by little, but that’s how the world changes.

RE: Could it be that we need a common enemy again? I don’t mean another Nazi Germany, but it could me some climatic disaster, it could be something in the Pacific…

(BattleForWorld: That little bit alone was so VERY JUICY!!! And I am sorry readers, because these juicy bits are best left unsaid. But I do hope your mind will wonder to enhance the frightening future that awaits us.)

SS: I think we should just start to respect each other’s worldviews and realise that things are done differently in different parts of the world…

RE: Of course, we should.

SS: …and it’s not just one America and – how many billion people living in the world? – or just one Russia. People see things differently.

RE: We need to be a lot more mature and sensible, no doubt.


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