EU Dictatorship And US World Domination

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SPUTNIKNEWS – April 2, 2018: The article highlights that the EU, Like USSR, will not outlast a human lifespan – says British academic. A professor at the London School of Economics has already found signs of the Union’s future demise and believes that the EU’s attitude towards Brexit shows its lack of self-confidence, report UK media.

Gwythian Prins, a UK scholar from the London School of Economics has shared his views on the dim future of the European Union. He has reportedly said that the Union with its “mounting complexity and declining legitimacy” will face the same demise as USSR did within “a human lifespan.”

He explained that as the European “project” develops “more relentlessly,” it imposes stricter control instruments, because ordinary people become more and more “disaffected” by it. He has accused Brussel’s bureaucrats of being power hungry, claiming that their efforts are only throwing the EU further into the danger zone, increasing its chances for collapse.


USA Media And The EU Dictatorship War-Mongering Against Russia

FIGU – April 2, 2018 (written on November 19, 2016): Ptaah: It is fundamentally to be explained, that the whole of the war-mongering of the EU-dictatorship, the USA and the media against Russia, have been bringing terribleness over the Earth and its humankind for years and also carry direct as well as indirect guilt for many of the armed conflicts repeatedly flaring up all over the world. What is, however, feloniously and war-mongeringly practiced against Russia – be it by lying and imputations, by sanctions, insults and calumnies, etc. –, this is actually more than Russia, i.e. its government and population are able to bear. Nevertheless, they are so rationality-bearing – contrary to the entirety of the West – that they do not rise to provocation, but keep calm and also show this outwardly into the world through their rational behavior and also through their word. The Russian government, above all Putin, as well as the entire population, want neither to bring war nor any other terribleness over the Earth and the humankind, contrary to this, however, the EU-dictatorship and the world-might obsessed USA, as well as the media dependent upon them. It is only through US-America, the EU dictatorship and the media, that immense amounts of affliction, misery, hardship, deaths and destruction have spread over the earth in the past 25 years, such as among other things the two wars against international law triggered by the USA against Iraq, the invasion, occupation and destruction of state structures. The entire world-might-greedy insanity of the USA has cost millions of human lives in the last 25 years alone. And what has been happening in the Orient since the beginning of the new millennium through the guilt of the USA was the foundation for the explosive spread of Islamist terrorism. But also the EU-dictatorship has contributed in various ways to the whole disaster, even if this is denied and has not become publicly known.

The guilt of the USA and the EU-dictatorship also includes arms deliveries to insurgents and to states, as well as the military cooperation and direct acts of war on various non-European fronts. However, another guilt of the EU-dictatorship, which has to be pointed out in particular, goes still much deeper, namely under the matriarchy of the German Chancelloress Angela Merkel, to whom the imperious and dictatorial elements of the EU-dictatorship have fallen in subservient dependence. This woman, who is pathologically craving for revenge and might-obsessed, can have carte blanche in Germany and in the EU-dictatorship, as she wishes, without a stop being put to her evil activities and without the EU-dictatorship elements becoming aware of the fact that she puts on airs as a Holocaust-revengeress and wants to destroy Germany in particular. This is also the reason for the fact that she had established the ‘welcome culture’ for refugees, through which for some time now flows of refugees from the Orient, from Africa and from Asia are invading Europe, which should lead in the view of this woman to foreign infiltration on the one hand and, on the other, to let the security-, social- and governmental-system, etc. collapse.


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