Europe Boycotting Russia’s Fifa World Cup – Geopolitical Psychological Warfare

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BATTLEFORWORLD – March 31, 2018: And in the theme of “highly likely”, you can bet with certainty that Europe and the US will launch media campaigns using every trick imaginable with lawyers tongue comedy to smear and promote boycott against Russia’s Fifa World Cup. The same trouble-making group has tried to hinder Russia from participating in the PyeongChang Olympics, and also years ago the same group used rumor tactics in media reporting and smear campaign when Russia held the Sochi Olympics.


Anti-World Cup 2018 NGO Spread Propaganda Demonizing Russia, Syria – Journalist

SPUTNIKNEWS – March 31, 2018: A US-based cyber activist organization called Avaaz has launched a campaign encouraging the boycott of the upcoming 2018 FIFA World Cup, which is scheduled to take place in Russia, under the hashtag #CupofShame. Sputnik discussed this with Patrick Henningsen, an independent journalist.

Sputnik: What is your take on the content that Avaaz has been sending over the situation in Syria?

Patrick Henningsen: We’ve been following Avaaz and their exploits for a number of years at our news organization, a small news organization 21st Century Wire. If you look back at who’s founded Avaaz, this is a classic sort of astroturfing operation; you have involved in the founding and promoting of this organization, it also has a PR arm called Purpose Inc who have been instrumental in launching and promoting the White Helmets in Syria; it’s a UK, US government backed, funded pseudo-NGO that’s been used to disseminate quite a lot of propaganda to demonize the Syrian government, the Russian government and to call for more intervention in Syria from the West, so their petitions are completely emotive; this is a data collection and marketing organization basically and their job really is consensus building; so they are kind of a tool which can be used by the US government, NATO member states to manufacture a kind of consensus by harnessing the power of big data to synthesize this consensus using young people.

Sputnik: Some experts have said that the information spread by Avaaz was done by fake bots, what’s your take on that? It’s ridiculous really, isn’t it? …

Sputnik: A recent report stated that fake news reaches users faster than real news and is more likely to be shared; what’s your opinion regarding consequences this can have on news in general? Is that the case that you are aware of, fake news reaching individuals and customers quicker than real news? …

Sputnik: Websites also calling for the boycott of the FIFA World Cup scheduled to take place here in Russia this summer causing some analysts to say such measures damage world sports. What’s your take on that? …

Sputnik: Russia has already stated that the massive propaganda attack is being carried out by mass media and it is undermining the efforts for a peaceful solution to the Syrian conflict. What are your thoughts? …


‘Cup of Shame’: Billboards call for boycott of FIFA 2018 in Russia

RT – March 31, 2018: Sport is becoming ever more embroiled in politics with billboards now appearing in European cities, calling for a boycott of this summer’s FIFA World Cup in Russia. RT’s Jaqueline Vouga takes a closer look at the group behind the campaign.


The anti-Russian Soccer World Cup 2018 smear campaign has started in the West

YAHOO – March 31, 2018: Many university students would be delighted to have the World Cup in town, but not Maria Cheremnova.

The 20-year-old physics student in Moscow is one of thousands of Russians campaigning against the June 14-July 15 soccer tournament, which will disrupt academic life across the country.

A 25,000-capacity fan zone will be built outside the main building at Russia’s prestigious Moscow State University during exam season. In other cities, exams have been brought forward and thousands of police plane to move into dorm room to ensure World Cup security.


ISIS planning terror attacks with DRONES acting as ‘flying suicide bombers’ at World Cup

MIRROR – April 1, 2018: Chilling images of preparations have emerged on the messaging app Telegram, it has been claimed. (BattleForWorld: Anti-Russia propaganda news using ISIS. The 666-Beast group just continue to make trouble.)

ISIS terrorists are preparing for attacks at the World Cup in Russia using drones, it has been claimed.

Sick propaganda has been shared a number of times implying the terror group will target the tournament due to take place in June.

Now chilling images have been shared on the messaging app Telegram which reportedly show preparations for attacks.

They show drones being armed with grenades, missiles and mortars that can be dropped on targets.


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