EU’s ‘Dictatorial’ Nature Helps US & UK Hold Sway In Skripal Case

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RT – March 28, 2018: It didn’t take much effort for the US and UK to make the EU fall in line in the Skripal case, Virginia State Senator Richard Black told RT. The bloc is a “soft dictatorship” in which only key players need to be swayed, he said.

The White House’s claims that it played a key role in making European countries act in unison when punishing Russia with expulsions over the Skripal saga might not just be bragging, Senator Black said.

It is far simpler than it seems to coerce the majority of 28 EU member states to join in the wave of diplomatic expulsions, started by the UK, he said, arguing that once key nations comply, it triggers a domino effect.

“The EU is rather a soft dictatorship of all the nations of Europe. All you have to do is you have to be able to influence the key people in the EU, and then you’re able to control all of the national states of Europe,” Black said, noting that “when you have Great Britain and the US acting in concert, they essentially are able to control the EU.”

While there are exceptions to this rule that refused to follow the lead of EU powerhouses such as Germany and France in promptly expelling Russian diplomatic staff, the majority simply caved in to the pressure, he argued.

“Now I do know that Austria did break ranks and they say no, we’re not going to do this. Others have just fallen in line; they’re under too much pressure from the EU.”


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