New Trump Aide (John Bolton) Got Facebook User Data-Based Studies From Cambridge Analytica – Report

SPUTNIKNEWS – March 24, 2018: Trump’s new national security adviser John Bolton ordered several years ago a research from Cambridge Analytica, which was based on illegally acquired Facebook users’ data, local media reported.

The first order for research by Bolton’s political action committee, The John Bolton Super PAC, was made in August 2014, when the company was still in the process of collecting data from the users of the social network, The New York Times reported Friday, citing former company employees and campaign finance records.

“The data and modeling Bolton’s PAC received was derived from the Facebook data. We definitely told them about how we were doing it. We talked about it in conference calls, in meetings,” Cambridge Analytica’s former data expert, who is also one of the company’s founding members, Christopher Wylie, was quoted as saying by the newspaper.

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