All Syrian Terrorist Groups Receive Weapons, Tasks From Abroad. US’ Commitment To Global Dominance Leads To Transnational Struggle

SPUTNIKNEWS – March 24, 2018: Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Valery Gerasimov said Saturday that all terrorist groups in Syria had been receiving weapons, money as well as combat tasks from abroad. (BattleForWorld: As the US…and the West continue to destabilize the world in their chaos image to usher in corporation governance and surveillance of all people.)


All terrorists receive arms, finances from abroad – Chief of Russia’s General Staff

TASS – March 24, 2018: All illegal armed groups in Syria receive weapons, finances and are guided from abroad, Chief of Russia’s General Staff and First Deputy Defense Minister Valery Gerasimov said.

“Take Syria as an example. Prior to Russia’s involvement in the conflict on the government’s side, the country had been actually pursuing an undeclared war advocating for its right to exist. It is still unclear when this struggle transformed from local unrest to a military conflict. No state has openly declared a war with Syria, but all illegal armed groups receive weapons, finances and are guided from abroad,” he said.

The number of participants of military conflicts is rising there as time goes by, Gerasimov added. “Regular troops are coupled with the local revolt potential, as well as terrorist and extremist groups,” he explained.


US’ commitment to global dominance leads to transnational struggle

TASS – March 24, 2018: The US’ strategy to pursue global dominance results in an overwhelming transnational struggle, Chief of Russia’s General Staff and First Deputy Defense Minister Valery Gerasimov said.

“Today the US’ commitment to maintaining global dominance and a monocentric world order through every possible means, including military, is critical for the development of military and political environment in the world. This conflicts with the views of many countries, including Russia, which considers global leadership inappropriate and advocates a just world order,” he said.

“As a result a transnational struggle has sharply accelerated. It is still based on non-military measures – political, economic and information. Moreover, apart from mentioned areas it has gradually spread over all activities of the modern society – diplomatic, scientific, cultural, and has virtually swept across the board,” Gerasimov added.


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