China’s President Xi Jinping: Any Actions & Tricks To Split China Are Doomed To Failure

RT – March 20, 2018: Beijing has explicitly warned Taipei and Washington against stirring separatist sentiments, with President Xi stating that any violation of the One China policy will inevitably face condemnation and the “punishment of history.” (BattleForWorld: The US geopolitical playbook toward China is to try every trick at its disposal to have China succumb to US pressure.)

“It is a shared aspiration of all Chinese people and in their basic interests to safeguard China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity and realize China’s complete reunification,” President Xi Jinping said during a speech at China’s annual session of parliament. “Any actions and tricks to split China are doomed to failure and will meet with the people’s condemnation and the punishment of history.”

Noting that Chinese people are firmly against any separatist activities in Taiwan, Xi called for a “peaceful reunification” of the autonomous island with mainland China, stressing that it is “absolutely impossible to separate any inch of our great country’s territory from China.”

Beijing’s warning comes just days after the US President Donald Trump signed the Taiwan Travel Act (HR 535) into law. Despite the US cutting diplomatic ties with Taiwan back in 1979, the legislation aims to increase travel and visits “at all levels,” including state officials and business leaders, both on the American and the Taiwanese side.


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