Israeli-Backed Ouster Of Tillerson Moves US Closer To Exit From JCPOA

BATTLEFORWORLD– March 17, 2018: In some private circles, Mike Pompeo is known as Pompeo The Terrible. And the United States foreign policy geopolitics is only going to get worse and very aggressive. The Israeli faction in the State Department was not happy with Tillerson, and Pompeo is seen as a joyous addition to the team and may indeed become a fire-starter, disrupting world’s affairs.

SPUTNIKNEWS – March 17, 2018: On Friday, after a meeting of the JCPOA commission in Vienna, Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister Abbas Araghchi held separate talks with US officials, local media reported. On Tuesday, Tillerson was dismissed via Twitter and replaced by CIA Director Mike Pompeo — a move Trump said was over disagreements on policy issues, including the JCPOA – the Iran nuclear deal.

Triumph for Israel

Retired US Air Force Lieutenant Colonel Karen Kwiatkowski told Sputnik that Trump’s decision to drop Tillerson and replace him with Pompeo, a longtime critic of the nuclear deal, was a triumph for Israel’s right wing Likud government and its US political allies.

“A more concerning issue with the dismissal of Tillerson, are rumors that he was soft on Iran, and that his removal had been demanded by Likudniks in Israel and congressional supporters of AIPAC [American Israel Public Affairs Committee] and right-wing Israeli politicians,” she said.

Pompeo’s appointment to succeed Tillerson was “not so much a policy shift but a solidifying of an aggressive policy toward Iran I believe. The entire Trump team is on board with tearing up the Iran agreement now,” he said.


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