Russia & China Dumping US Treasuries

RT – March 16, 2018: Moscow and Beijing have cut their holdings in US Treasury securities. Russia sold $5.3 billion in January and has sunk to 16th place of the largest holders of American debt. It is the lowest level for the country since February last year. And China also got rid of American debt by selling nearly $17 billion in January. Although China is still the largest holder of US Treasuries.

“We absolutely do not hold American securities exclusively. The main thing is that these securities should be liquid. So should be the state that issued them,” said Russian Finance Minister Anton Siluanov in an interview with NTV this week.

One of the largest investors in US government bonds remains the Cayman Islands. The third-largest buyer of American debt is Ireland, investing $327.5 billion in US debt securities. Ireland is also considered a tax haven for American companies, and was involved in the Apple Inc. tax scandal.


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