US Training European Military To Use Nuclear Weapons Against Russia

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SPUTNIKNEWS / RT / TASS – February 28, 2018: Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov speaks at the Conference on Disarmament. It should be clear to everyone that the US military is thus preparing the armed forces of European countries for the use of tactical nuclear weapons against Russia.” And Lavrov further expressed hope that European citizens would be able to say a firm “no” to the deployment of US nuclear weapons on the territory of their countries.

Russia is concerned by US nuclear strategy and the increasing role of nuclear weapons being improved with the creation and deployment of “small-charged” fillers.

“Urgent resumption of talks required to address issues of arms control, non-proliferation,” said Lavrov.

Speaking on the weaponry, the Russian Foreign Minister stated, that the Russian Federation’s nuclear arsenal has been reduced by more than 85% in comparison to the peak of the Cold war.

“Nuclear disarmament is also being hampered by the preservation of American non-strategic nuclear weapons in Europe, accompanied by the destabilizing practice of joint nuclear missions,” Lavrov stated.


Russia’s growing military might to guarantee peace on the planet

TASS – March 6, 2018: The new ‘breakthrough’ weapons outlined by President Vladimir Putin in his State of the Nation Address to the Federal Assembly on March 1 will arrive for Russian troops on schedule, Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said at the ministry’s conference call on Tuesday (March 6). And said that today Russia has a modern, compact and hi-tech army”.

In his State of the Nation Address to both houses of Russia’s parliament, Putin announced about the development and trials of the most advanced strategic weapons Russia was creating in response to Washington’s unilateral withdrawal from the ABM Treaty and the deployment of the missile shield both on the territory of the United States and outside its national borders.

The Russian leader stressed that Russia’s growing military might was a reliable guarantee of peace on the planet.


Nuclear war between Russia and US will bring end to civilization

RT – March 1, 2018: By training its European allies to use their nuclear arms, the US is moving towards an atomic war with Russia, forgetting that it would mean the end of the human civilization, retired Lieutenant General Evgeny Buzhinsky told RT.

The US military is preparing the armed forces of the European countries for the use of tactical nukes against Russia, Sergey Lavrov, the Russian Foreign Minister, said on Wednesday. He added that the presence of American non-strategic nuclear weapons in Europe is a major stumbling block in the path of disarmament.

“No one can say how serious the threat really is” from the US actions, Buzhinsky, the Chairman of the Executive Board of the PIR-Center, said. However, he pointed out that the military people are getting ready. The Russian military is preparing and the American military does the same. And it’s for the politicians to warn the public that such preparations are being made.”

The Americans keep toying with nuclear arms in Europe as if they are forgetting that “there’ll be no one left on Earth” if such weapons are employed, the retired Lieutenant General said. The events will develop rapidly and have disastrous consequences for everybody if one of the sides carries out a nuclear attack against another, he warmed.

If Russia “will be hit with nuclear weapons, we’ll deliver a counterstrike,” the expert for the PIR-Center, which researches international security and nonproliferation of weapons of mass destruction, said. “Russian and American strategic forces kicking into action would mean hundreds of megatons of nuclear munitions striking the territory of the US and Russia.”

“We are located on the Eurasian Plate, which gives us (Russia) a slight tectonic advantage. As for the North American continent, it will surely crack” as a result of a Russian nuclear counterstrike. “It’ll be the end of civilization. There can be no doubt about that,” he added.

Buzhinsky assured that Russia wouldn’t be caught by surprise if the US uses its nuclear arsenal against it. “The Armed Forces are ready for everything. President Putin spoke about it on numerous occasions and everybody is aware of it,” he said.


Russia’s new weapons, nuclear parity and arms race: What’s going on?

RT – March 28, 2018: A look into how Russia’s new weapons affect the arms race and nuclear parity with the US.


Putin In His Annual Presidential Address Presented An Array Of Weapons Of Mass Destruction Just In Case Russia Is Attacked

RT – March 1, 2018: Russia has developed a number of advanced weapons systems, including a nuclear-powered cruise missile, which make all US capabilities aimed at undermining the Russian nuclear deterrent obsolete, President Vladimir Putin announced.

The latest advances in Russian strategic deterrence have made America’s anti-missile systems obsolete, so Washington should stop trying to diminish Russia’s security and start talking to Moscow as an equal partner, not the dominant military power it seeks to be, Putin said.

The Russian president accused the US of arrogance, saying that it thought that Russia would not be able to recover anytime soon after the collapse of the Soviet Union and that its interests can simply be ignored. One particular move – the withdrawal by George W Bush from the Anti-ballistic Missile Treaty (ABM) in 2002 – resulted in Russia being increasingly surrounded by American assets, which undermined the country’s nuclear deterrence.

“In the end, if we did nothing, this would render the Russian nuclear potential worthless,” Putin said. “They could simply intercept all of it.”

Without a nuclear deterrent, Russia would be exposed to US military pressure and would not be able to pursue a sovereign policy, Putin said. The president warned as early as in 2004 that Russia would not sit idle and that it would respond to this threat by developing new weapons systems.

‘Speaking softly’: Russia Wants Negotiations, Not Confrontation

Putin stressed that Russia would not need all these new weapons if its legitimate concerns had not been ignored by the US and its allies. “Nobody wanted to talk with us on the core of the problem. Nobody listened to us. Now you listen!” he said.

He suggested that the US abandon its costly and inefficient hostile plans towards Russia and start negotiating a security arrangement which would take Moscow’s interests into account.

Russia’s New ‘Big Stick’

Russia has now done this, according to Putin, who went on to present a number of new systems, some of which don’t yet have names, and which are all meant to counter current and future ABM systems.

One system is the new Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) called Sarmat, or RS-28. It’s already well-known, but Putin stressed that its increased range allows the missile to reach US territory from Russia via a South Pole route.

New Russian Nuclear Missile With Unlimited Range

Putin then went on to weapons systems that were not previously known to the public. One is a yet-to-be-named cruise missile with an almost unlimited range. This is achieved thanks to a highly-efficient on-board miniaturized nuclear reactor, which powers the flight. Such a missile can fly low enough to avoid early detection, can change course to avoid enemy anti-missile assets along its path, and maneuver to pierce the anti-missile systems protecting its target.

The idea of a nuclear-powered projectile is hardly new. The US tried to develop one as part of Project Pluto in the early 1960s, but abandoned it since strategic missiles with chemical propellants proved to be a more viable alternative. Russia has reportedly made a breakthrough in this technology, becoming the first nation to bring it to maturity. (SputnikNews – And according to Serbian newspaper Politika Miroslav Lazanski, instead of engaging in a new arms race, Putin is living up to his promise to provide an asymmetrical response to NATO’s growing presence in Eastern Europe and Asia. “The Americans have created a missile defense shield in Romania and Poland, on the Aleutian islands and in South Korea. The Russians are not responding with more of the same, but instead increase their missile potential: they’ve created the ‘Sarmat’ with a large amount of warheads, each of them being able to maneuver and change trajectory and altitude.” …”We are talking about an intercontinental missile that can be launched from the Sea of Okhotsk. It will not go straight to the stratosphere, where it will become an easy target, but instead will fly some three to four meters above sea level and no radar will be able to detect it. And the missile will go some 13,000 km this way. No one has anything like that. In fact, we are talking about an ICBM that does not fly on an ICBM trajectory.” “The Americans, with their new kinds of tactical nuclear weapons they want to deploy in NATO member states in Europe; NATO expanding to Russian borders; the sucking of countries into this alliance; the constant patrolling by NATO ships in the Black and Baltic seas — all of it is pressure on Russia and Russia needs to respond. The cup of patience had one drop too many and Russia made it clear: ‘we have something to respond with, too,'” said Lazanski.)

Putin also said that miniaturization of a nuclear reactor gave Russia another advanced weapons system in the form of a high-endurance underwater drone. The drone can dive “really very deep” and travel between continents at a speed that is several times higher than that of a submarine, a modern torpedo or even a surface ship, he said.

Navy Chief Lifts Veil on Capabilities of Russia’s New Stealth Underwater Drone

SputnikNews: The new unmanned sea vehicle, equipped with a new nuclear engine, is virtually impossible to intercept, Korolyov told a recent press conference.

He said that the new apparatus will have an effectively unlimited travel range and will feature a low noise profile and high maneuverability. This all will allow the new weapon to stealthily approach targets. “The new targeting system being developed specifically for this weapon will allow for the underwater devices to autonomously approach targets and destroy them with high precision,” he said. The weapon “will allow the navy to complete a wide spectrum of tasks in remote maritime zones and in water areas in the vicinity of enemy territory.”  And “I’d like to underscore that all elements of the system are manufactured using only Russian parts,” Korolyov also noted.

Putin then showcased two variants of a hypersonic weapons systems already developed by Russia. One is an air-launched vehicle that is already deployed in southern Russia for test combat duty. The projectile travels at a speed of Mach-10 and has a range of 2,000km (1,240 miles). The weapon, which is called Kinzhal (“dagger” in Russian) is available in conventional and nuclear forms, Putin said. A video shown to the audience included the moment the weapon was deployed by a fighter jet and the fire from its engine.

Kinzhal, the ultra-maneuverable air-launched missile

SputkinNews: The source also confirmed that Kinzhal, the ultra-maneuverable air-launched missile flying at speeds above Mach 10, has also been deployed by the Russian military.

Russian President Vladimir Putin offered new details on prospective Russian weapons systems, including the Avangard, during his annual address to lawmakers last week. Following Putin’s speech, Sergei Karakayev, Commander of Russia’s Strategic Missile Forces, provided more information on the Avangard, including its long-range, non-ballistic trajectory and maneuverability characteristics. The composite materials used in the glider allow its body to withstand heat up to several thousand degrees Celsius, and offer protection against laser irradiation. Karakayev was able to confirm that the testing of the weapon had successfully wrapped up.

Another weapon that is being developed, but which was not shown being tested because its appearance is classified, according to Putin, is a hypersonic glider warhead deployed from space. Russia first tested one back in 2004 and has made significant progress since, the president said. The glider can fly in the atmosphere at speeds of over Mach-20 and can withstand a heat of up to 2,000C (3,632F) generated by air fiction. The system is in series production and is called Avangard (“advance guard” in Russian).

Russia’s Avangard Hypersonic Glider Warhead Enters Production

SputkinNews: A military-diplomatic source confirmed to Sputnik that the Avangard has entered production, and recalled that the strategic system is capable of intercontinental flights through the dense atmosphere at speeds up to Mach 20, making it invulnerable to any existing or prospective anti-aircraft or missile defense systems.

Russian mobile laser weapon.

SputnikNews: During his address to the Federal Assembly, President Vladimir Putin shocked observers when he said that Russia’s progress in laser weaponry was “not just a concept or a plan,” and that the army was already being equipped with combat lasers. But what are these weapons actually for? Veteran military analyst Viktor Murakhovsky may have the answer. “Most likely, this system solves air defense and missile defense tasks,” Murakhovsky, editor-in-chief of Arsenal of the Fatherland, a Russian military publication, explained. “The use of a laser beam is far more economical than the use of standard anti-missile missiles. At the same time, its accuracy is far greater,” he added. Murakhovsky noted that he could not rule out that the source of energy for the laser’s pulse may come from a portable nuclear power plant. “I do not want to reveal more details. It is not the time yet. But experts will understand that with such weaponry, Russia’s defense capacity has multiplied,” Putin added.

Putin’s annual address to Federal Assembly (FULL VIDEO)


Putin video demonstration of new ICBM shows MIRV with Florida peninsula in background


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