America Becomes No. 1 Enemy At World Government Summit

WND – February 19, 2018: At the World Government Summit in Dubai, United Arab Emirates from February 11-13 the atmosphere was very anti-American during the three-day globalist summit.

The even featured well-known Hollywood actors Robert DeNiro, Goldie Hawn, Forest Whitaker, singer, book author Malcolm Gladwell, etc. all expressing various themes of climate change, making kids happy, women and youth are keys to solving global challenges, governments role in shaping prosperous societies and the coming Third Women’s Revolution.

DeNiro’s anti-American comment was, “I flew here last night from a backward country, a place where science once reigned and lately has been replaced by ignorance.” And the audience applause after he predicted that President Trump would be voted out in the 2020 election. Last year (2017) at the summit DeNiro said that Trump caused America to lose its position as a global ambassador in the fight against global warming and that “we have a leader who’s not leading, that doesn’t know what he’s doing.”

Also at the summit were presentations about AI (artificial intelligence) and that it will evolve into hybrid intelligence, combining the powers of the human mind and intelligent machines and that people who thinks AI will create a world of terminators should loosen up. Neil Harbisson introduced at the summit as the world’s first cyborgist, says it’s high time governments accept people who will be “part-technology, part-human” in the future.


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