Bitcoin Has An Agenda And Traders Say No To Regulation

RT/Keiser Report (E1189) – February 15, 2018: …Very positive stuff from this regulator (from the Commodity  Futures Trading Commision [CFTC] and US Securities and Exchange Commision [SEC]), he seems to be paving the way for more positive disposition toward Bitcoin, in other words is cleaving, for those who support it, those who don’t support it. It doesn’t seem to matter really who supports it or doesn’t support it, it has a life of its own and it has an agenda: the protocol is hard coded to dismantle the fiat world as we know it. And those who try to get in the way will be destroyed by it, but those who want to come on-board like a friendly regulator that’s OK. I’m (Max) a bit worried though, you know it’s the classic good copy vs. bad cop scenario when…anyone from the government comes with a gift you have to be a little leery. (BATTLEFORWORLD: It appears as if the agenda behind cryptocurrency is multi-leveled. We are in the first phase of implementation and application.)


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