Dutch Foreign Minister Resigns Over Lies About Meeting With Putin

BATTLEFORWORLD – February 13, 2018: With the Fake News orchestra synchronized all over the western world repeating nonstop, dossier, lies about Russia and Putin, it is as if this  symphony was well planned with some sort of goal in mind. They cannot stop the rise of Russia so other means are applied to deface the country and their political leadership.


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Dutch foreign minister resigns over lies that he meet with President Putin

TASS – February 13, 2018: Dutch Minister of Foreign Affairs Halbe Zijlstra has tendered his resignation after scandal erupt about his lying in regards to meeting Russian President Vladimir Putin back in 2006. Claiming that back then when he was a representative of Shell he attended a meeting with Putin, where the Russian leader allegedly said he considered Belarus, Ukraine, the Baltic States and Kazakhstan as part of “Greater Russia.”

(BATTLEFORWORLD: Look closely and see if you can find the country that is assembling a Greater America.)


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