CNN Host Interviews Nazi Running For GOP Congressional Seat

(BATTLEFORWORLD: In the “enhanced” Silent Revolution Of Truth Compilation Edition, the free PDF book, refer to page 1264 and read what Zbigniew Brzezinski said about the Nazis, Minutemen and Christian movements rising again. And about the Nazis and extremist groups were created, pages 373 and 568. And how radical and extremist groups will spread worldwide, pages 1084 and 1248. And how this type of extremism will continue into A.D. 2000, page 1151. And read the article regarding “presenting negative things positively”, page 567. The media is using “stealth psychology” under the disguise of informing the public to promote fear about extremism and replicate disorder. The media and Hollywood visuals have introduced the world’s population to many evils under the slogan of informing and entertaining the public.  UPDATED, PDF Format – Links: Book Summary | and Download Book)

BATTLEFORWORLD – February 8, 2018: When the media does interviews like this the only purpose it serves is to create fear and spread fear. It appears that the West has no intention to crush extremism in any form, because these vices are weaponize with some future chaos goals in mind. Because if the West was serious about eradicating extremism and bring about world peace they would have created an international reeducation plan to remove these problems.

And one thing you can count on for sure, when it is time for extremist groups to rise and chaos the people, the media will be there telling you all about them.

Meier: “It is my opinion that these actions are just as abominable and criminal as the constant anti-war propaganda in form of so-called anti-war films, etc., as well as the magnified crimes of racism and torture. It is my personal opinion which is based on my knowledge of the human-psychologic reactions, that all of those people who shout “anti” and “contra” against torture and capital punishment, concentration camps, crime, wars in any form by showing those gruesome and horrifying pictures shown in newspapers, magazines, as well as on TV and in the cinemas of people getting massacred, tortured and murdered, of cemeteries being violated, houses burned among other things, are doing others a great disservice.They have no clue about the human psyche and psychology. If they knew anything about this, they would realize that their actions achieve exactly the opposite to what they intend because numerous misled, erroneous-thinking individuals feel attracted to such purported anti-propaganda.” free-PDF book pages 567 – 568, link above.

MEDIAITE – February 8, 2018: CNN’s Alisyn Camerota confronted a literal Nazi who is currently poised to nab the GOP nomination for Congress — and the interview predictably derailed, as the Nazi ranted about “the Jewish media.”


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